Honda to Begin Sales of New Mini-vehicle N-WGN/N-WGN Custom

November 20, 2013, Japan


TOKYO, Japan, November 20, 2013 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will begin sales in Japan on November 22, 2013, of "N-WGN","N-WGN Custom," the fourth model of the mini-vehicle N Series*1.

Targeting a new standard for the mini-vehicle, N-WGN is a height-wagon category*2 vehicle equipped with occupant comfort, safety, fuel economy, design and driving performance at a higher level. The N-WGN features a cabin space that comfortably accommodates four adults as well as enhanced safety features as standard equipment that include Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA®), which helps maintain the stability of the vehicle. Moreover, a newly-developed engine and CVT realize smooth and stress-free driving and excellent fuel economy of 29.2km/liter*3 at the same time. Furthermore, through the adoption of a lightweight and high-rigidity body and dedicated suspensions, stable driving performance and excellent quietness were realized even during the highway driving.

Available in addition to the standard type N-WGN is the N-WGN Custom type which features an exterior design with an overwhelming presence and an interior that exudes a sense of high-quality as well as exclusively-designed equipment.

Honda will continue enhancing the N Series lineup in order to accommodate the diversifying needs of customers in Japan.

  • *1N Series is a series of mini-vehicles Honda developed with the passion to create the best and new vehicle for Japan. Adopting an innovative platform developed to embody Honda's M/M concept*4, the basis of Honda car design, N Series models realize spaciousness, comfort and economic efficiency that are beyond the concept of mini-vehicles. The first model of the N Series was named N BOX and the second and third models were N BOX + and N-ONE, respectively.
  • *2The Height-wagon is a category of mini-vehicle of which the height is measured from 1,550mm to 1,700mm (Honda internal standard as of November 2013).
  • *3The JC08 mode fuel economy for a FWD (front-wheel drive) vehicle of N-WGN G, N-WGN G A Package, N-WGN Custom G, N-WGN Custom G A Package (Fuel economy reviewed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).
  • *4Honda's "man maximum, machine minimum" concept is a basic approach to Honda car design calling for maximizing the space available for people and minimizing the space required for mechanical components.
N-WGN G A Package (FWD)

N-WGN G A Package (FWD)

N-WGN Custom G Turbo Package (FWD)

N-WGN Custom G Turbo Package (FWD)

Sales plan (Japan, monthly): 12,000 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail price:  
<N-WGN> ◎shown in the photo
Type Engine Transmission Drive Price (including consumption tax)  
G 660cc
CVT FWD 1,131,000 yen  
4WD 1,251,000 yen  
G A Package FWD 1,250,000 yen
4WD 1,370,000 yen  
G Turbo Package 660cc
FWD 1,350,000 yen  
4WD 1,470,000 yen  
<N-WGN Custom> ◎shown in the photo
Type Engine Transmission Drive Price (including consumption tax)  
G 660cc
CVT FWD 1,335,000 yen  
4WD 1,455,000 yen  
G A Package FWD 1,450,000 yen  
4WD 1,570,000 yen  
G Turbo Package 660cc
FWD 1,510,000 yen
4WD 1,630,000 yen  
  • *The price does not include insurance premium, taxes (excluding consumption tax) and cost related to vehicle registrations.
  • *Based on the automobile recycling law, separate recycling charge will be necessary. The recycling charge includes recycling deposit (cost necessary to recycle shredder dust, air bags, chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) and information management cost) and fund management cost.
  • *<N-WGN> 31,500 yen (30,000 yen excluding consumption tax) extra charge for Premium White Pearl, Premium Deep Mocha Peal, Premium Blue Moon Pearl.
  • *<N-WGN Custom> 31,500 yen (30,000 yen excluding consumption tax) extra charge for Premium White Pearl, Premium Gold Purple Pearl, Premium Flame Orange Metallic.

Body colors (Total of 11 colors including 4 new colors)

<N-WGN> (Total of 7 colors)

  • Premium White Pearl
  • Cutlery Sliver Metallic (new)
  • Smart Black (new)
  • Cookie Cream (new)
  • Premium Deep Mocha Pearl
  • Cherry Shell Pink Metallic
  • Premium Blue Moon Pearl

<N-WGN Custom> (Total of 7 colors including)

  • Premium White Pearl
  • Cutlery Silver Metallic (new)
  • Smart Black (new)
  • Polished Metal Metallic
  • Horizon Turquoise Pearl
  • Premium Flame Orange Metallic (new)
  • Premium Gold Purple Pearl

Interior color (Total of 2 colors)

<N-WGN>: Beige
<N-WGN Custom>: Black, Black (Prime Smooth & Jersey two-tone seats)

【Key features of N-WGN/N-WGN Custom】

Exterior design pursues a sense of security and highlighted presence of the vehicle

  • N-WGN adopts the "Proud Authentic Design," which features a sense of high-quality that enriches the spirit of people. This exterior design expresses a sense of security as well as the highlighted presence of the vehicle.
  • N-WGN Custom was designed under the theme of "Avant-garde Emotion," realizing a design that expresses a highly-distinguished yet high-quality appearance.
  • For N-WGN, a wide range of subdued colors and chromatic colors that express a sense of high-quality is available. On the other hand, for N-WGN Custom, dedicated colors which highlight the edgy and dynamic impression of the vehicle are available.

Interior design pursues quality feel and spaciousness beyond the class

  • For N-WGN, a high-quality, open and clean interior atmosphere was realized by featuring black color for the upper part of the instrument panel and light beige for the rest of the interior.
  • Under the theme of "Avant-garde Emotion," the interior of N-WGN Custom features two-tone color coordination in black and burgundy, realizing a calm but assertive cabin space.

The package realizes both excellent cabin space and cargo space at the same time

  • A comfortable cabin space was realized by featuring comfortable seats which make occupants less tiring even during a long drive, as well as full-size door armrests.
  • For the first time for the N Series, a rear seat slide structure was adopted, enabling the seats to slide 200mm forward/backward direction. With this structure, rear space can be arranged more flexibly depending on the usage situation.
  • A large-sized tray is installed underneath the rear seats for storage of umbrellas, shoes and other items.
  • With the adoption of Honda's original center-tank layout and utilization of the under-floor storage space as deep as 290mm, versatile cargo space was secured.

High-performance power unit realizes class-topping*5 power, driving performance and high fuel economy

  • A twin-injection system was adopted for the first time for a Honda mini-vehicle, realizing excellent drivability and fuel economy.
  • For the first time for a Honda mini-vehicle, a sodium filled exhaust valve was adopted to reduce the temperature around the exhaust valve and suppress any knocking associated with the increase of the high compression ratio.
  • With the combination of a DOHC engine which realizes class-topping high output and high torque and a CVT (continuously variable transmission) that was further matured with dedicated tuning, both smooth and powerful driving and excellent fuel economy of 29.2km/liter*3 were realized at the same time.
  • *5mini-height wagon class (Honda internal research as of November 2013)

Enhanced safety features realize high safety performance

  • The Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system, which responds to sudden braking and quickly blinks hazard lamps automatically to alert the drivers of trailing vehicles, is featured as standard equipment on all types.
  • The VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system is standard equipment on all types.
  • The HSA (Hill Start Assist) system, which temporarily prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an upward incline, is standard equipment on all types.
  • The City-Brake Active system*6, which was designed to mitigate the damage of a collision with a vehicle in front during low speed driving of approximately 30km/h or less, is available on certain types.
  • A side curtain airbag system*6, which helps mitigate head impacts in a side collision, and the front seat i-side airbag system*6 are standard equipment on select model types.
  • The Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body was adopted, which features structures that absorb the impact of a collision on a pedestrian's head and legs in case of a collision.
  • Class-leading omni-directional collision safety performance was realized with the newly-designed engine and new load distribution structure.
  • *6The City-Brake Active System, side curtain airbag system and front seat i-side airbag system are packaged together and made standard equipment on the N-WGN/N-WGN Customer G A Package, G Turbo Package. These features also are available as optional equipment on the N-WGN/N-WGN Custom G Package.

Environmental Performance

  • All types are certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as complying with the 2005 - 75% emissions standard.
  • NA (natural aspiration) engine types achieve fuel economy of 20% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard. Turbo engine types*7 achieve fuel economy that is at least 10% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard.
  • More than 90% of the entire vehicle is recyclable*8.
  • *7N-WGN/N-WGN Custom G Package (FWD/4WD), G A Package (FWD/4WD), N-WGN G Turbo Package (FWD) achieve fuel economy 20% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard, and N-WGN/N-WGN Custom G Turbo Package (4WD) and N-WGN Custom G Turbo Package (FWD) equipped with 15-inch aluminum wheel achieve fuel economy 10% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard.
  • *8Calculated based on the "Definition of and Guideline for Calculating the Percentage of Recyclable Materials in New Automobiles" (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc., 1998)