Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX, Featuring Sub-freezing Temperature Operation Capability, Certified for Use on Public Roads by Japan's Ministry of Land

December 17, 2004, Japan


December 17, 2004--Honda Motor, Co. Ltd. today announced that the Japanese Ministry of Land, Transport and Infrastructure has certified the next-generation Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX fuel cell vehicle, which is capable of starting in sub-freezing temperatures, for use on public roads. Honda plans to offer the new FCX for lease in various regions starting in 2005, including those with cold winter climates.

Honda has been leasing the FCX in the United States and Japan since December 2002. Honda has been testing the new Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX in cold weather since last year, demonstrating its advanced functionality, including the capacity to start and operate at sub-zero temperatures. Now that the Honda fuel cell vehicle can be offered in areas where temperatures fall below zero, another important step has been taken toward large-scale commercialization.

Complementing the high-efficiency advanced operation of the Honda FC Stack, the hydrogen and oxygen delivery systems and the entire fuel cell system have been made more efficient, elevating the new vehicle’s torque energy efficiency, a measure of the extent to which energy is converted to torque, to 55%*1, which is approximately twice that of a hybrid vehicle and three times that of a gasoline-engine vehicle. The driving range of the new FCX is 430km*1, some 20% higher than the 355km range of the previous model*2. The ultra capacitor provides over 10% more energy storage, and the motor features 20kW higher output than the previous model, and acceleration performance is significantly improved.

The new FCX also features a newly developed Traction Control System, which helps ensure ideal torque transmission even on snowy roads and other slippery surfaces. Monitoring wheel rotation, the system adjusts transmission of torque from the motor to maximize traction for a smoother and more stable ride. Other new features, including a Honda HDD Navigation System featuring voice recognition and programmed to indicate the location of hydrogen stations, provide occupants enhanced convenience and peace of mind.

  • *1LA-4 mode, Honda internal calculations
  • *2Refers to the FCX vehicle equipped with a Ballard fuel cell stack, available since 2002
Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX

Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX

<Honda FC Stack-equipped FCX: Specifications>

Number of occupants 4 persons
Maximum speed 150km/h
Motor Max. output 80kW(109PS)
Max. torque 272N·m(27.7kg·m)
Type AC synchronous electric (Honda-made)
Fuel cell stack Type Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell (Honda-made)
Output 86kW
Fuel Type Compressed hydrogen gas
Storage High-pressure hydrogen tank (350 atmospheres)
Capacity 156.6 liters
Dimensions(L x W x H, mm) 4165 x 1760 x 1645
Energy storage Ultra capacitor (Honda-made)
Vehicle range* 430km
  • *LA-4 mode, Honda internal calculations