Honda America Expands Number of Accord Models Conforming to ULEV*(Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) Standard

August 31, 1998, U.S.A.


Torrance, California, August 31, 1998 - The US subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., American Honda Motor Co., Inc., issued the following News Release on August 28 local time.
Today American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (Headquarters: Torrance, California; President: Koichi Amemiya) announced the 1999 models of its popular Accord series, which last underwent a full model upgrade in autumn 1997.

Until now the ULEV-standard models within the Accord series have been limited to the EX, a 4-speed automatic fitted with a 4-cylinder engine. This has been on sale in California and three eastern states (New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts). The 4-speed automatic '99 LX is now also available as a ULEV-standard Accord. With the release of this new version, Honda anticipates boosting its sales of ULEVs within the US market substantially, rising from an annual sales forecast of approximately 20,000 vehicles for 1998 to 80,000 vehicles for 1999.

All new '99-model Accords feature improved seat upholstery. The LX and EX models also come fitted with folding door mirrors. Prices will range from US$ 15,200 for the DX-model to US$ 24,400 for the top-of-the-range EX coupe, complete with V6 6-cylinder engine. The weighted average price rise over the '98 models is a mere 0.8%, or US$ 175.

In the US market, the Accord has been the best selling car to consumers for personal automobiles for nine consecutive years. The 1998 J. D. Power and Associates 1998 Car Customer Satisfaction study lists the Accord as the top-ranking car within the mid size car class.

  • *CARB exhaust emission standards
  NMOG (g/mile) CO (g/mile) NOx (g/mile)
LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) 0.075 3.4 0.2
ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) 0.040 1.7 0.2

NMOG = Non-Methane Organic Gases
CARB = California Air Resources Board