Honda to Launch New Information Service Linking Car Navigation Systems with the Internet

July 7, 1998, Japan

News Release

Tokyo, July 7, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that from July 10 it will begin offering a new "InterNavi" information service that hooks up car navigation systems with the Internet. The company also plans to add positional information, such as longitudes and latitudes to its homepage. In conjunction with the new service, these moves will allow car navigation systems to guide drivers to their final destination more easily through information given in a new "InterNavi Positioning Information Format."
The new service is being run by a Honda affiliate, Honda Access Co., Ltd. Specially trained personnel will offer the "InterNavi" information service from a new InterNavi System Information Center. The service includes the following features:

  • the driver will be able to receive various types of information in real time;
  • a drive plan created by computer can be sent to the onboard car navigation system either via the InterNavi System Information Center or using a memory card;
  • the service also allows drivers to send and receive e-mail.

The number of Internet users in Japan has rocketed in recent years. Honda plans to add global positioning information, such as longitudes and latitudes, to its home page in the form of an "InterNavi Positioning Information Format." When this information is added to another homepage, the data can be used by the InterNavi system. In turn this can enable the system to pinpoint accurately a destination and important waypoints. By harnessing the power of the Internet to car navigation systems, Honda believes this can make driving a more enjoyable experience.

To increase their utility, the "InterNavi Positioning Information Format" data will be made available through the Mobile Web Development Association, a new cooperative venture announced on June 30 by Honda in conjunction with Sony, IBM Japan, Pioneer and Mazda.

(Reference information)
InterNavi-compatible navigation system is available as an option at present on 5 models like the Odyssey, Accord and Torneo series from Honda. This option will gradually be added to other commercially available car navigation systems from Honda. Other models that can be adapted to benefit from the InterNavi system have already been launched or plan to be launched by companies including Alpine, Sumitomo Electric, Pioneer, and Matsushita Electrical Industrial.
Mobile Link, an Internet homepage-based mobile data-terminal information service jointly managed by Sony, IBM Japan, Pioneer and eight other firms, also offers a positioning information service using the "InterNavi Positioning Information Format" global positioning data.

Main services available through the InterNavi System Information Center

  • 1.Route planning
    By connecting to the InterNavi System Information Center though your PC at home, you can prepare and record pre-set drive plans (up to five routes with a maximum of 6 waypoints per route). This information can be later accessed when on the road by the car navigation system via the Internet link. It is also possible to use a PC memory card to send the created route plans to the car navigation system. This makes operating the car navigation system much quicker and simpler, cutting down the necessary mobile phone connection time.
  • 2.E-mail functions
    The car navigation system can display e-mail received on screen. Replies using standard template messages are also possible.
  • 3.Information search service*1
    The system will allow you to look up vast amounts of useful information, such as the best routes (updated every two weeks), local weather forecasts for over 80,000 precise locations nationwide, current exhibitions and events, gourmet mail-order catalogs sorted by region and type, and the nearest open convenience stores, family restaurants or gas stations. The system even gives you access to emergency services such as the police, hospitals and JAF roadside services*2.
  • 4.Internet Web page viewing*3
    The InterNavi system will also allow drivers to access certain car navigation related Web pages on the screen. Plans include installing links within the car navigation system to the Mobile Link pages, the "Map Fan Web" pages created by IncrementP Co., Ltd., and others.
  • *1Services are as of time of launch and are subject to change without notice.
  • *2For navigation systems only.
  • *3Users may experience difficulties or delays depending on the screen size and browser used.