Honda Open Terrace: A New Used-Car Customer Information Service from Honda over the Internet

May 12, 1998, Japan


Tokyo, May 12, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that from May 12, it will begin a new Internet-based customer information service, called Honda Open Terrace, that provides a variety of data on currently available used-cars.
Honda Open Terrace will function as a database adjunct to Honda's established used-car sales channel, the Honda Auto Terrace. By accessing the Honda Open Terrace homepage, customers will be able to download and view for free visual and other detailed information about the car they want. In addition, they will also be able to find out precisely where a stock of such vehicles is available at Open Terrace-registered sites and send off an inquiry, all over the Internet.

As of its May 1998 launch, 89 Honda Auto Terrace sites around Japan are participating in the Honda Open Terrace system, representing a total stock of more than 1300 used cars registered on the system. The number of participating outlets and the amount of used-car stocks that can be accessed via the system are both expected to expand gradually.

Customers purchasing a used car through the Honda Open Terrace will receive a special That's a Relief! Warranty* giving them the right to receive the very best after-sales service at all Honda Auto Terrace outlets and the 2,100 selected Honda new-car dealerships throughout Japan.

  • *The That's a Relief! Warranty is limited to twelve months or 20,000 kilometers.

Honda Open Terrace details:

  • U-Car Search: stock searches; data on vehicles in stock (outline description, price, interior/exterior photographs, features)
  • Honda Dealer Locator: search for the nearest Honda dealer, with full address and contact information
  • Model Data Annex: specifications, colors and other information on the main past models
  • I'm Auto Terrace: advice on how to find and buy a used car, introduction to Honda Auto Terrace services, and full details on the That's a Relief! Warranty