Honda Announces that Modified US-Manufactured Gold Wing SE Touring Bike Complies with New Japanese Motorcycle Emission Regulations

August 25, 1998, Japan


Tokyo, August 25, 1998 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the modified Gold Wing SE 1520cc heavyweight touring bike. The '99 export model will go on sale in Japan on October 30. The Gold Wing SE is manufactured by Honda Motor's US production subsidiary, Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM). The changes include body color and a variety of modifications designed to make the bike comply with new Japanese motorcycle exhaust emission regulations which will come into effect from October 1999.
The top-of-the-line ultimate Honda touring bike, the Gold Wing SE has been imported into Japan ever since the '88 models, and still proves popular today. The exhaust cleaning modifications comprise improvements to the carburetor, twinned with the incorporation of an exhaust air-injection system.

Gold Wing SE

Gold Wing SE

The '99 Gold Wing SE import model features a new two-tone color combination exclusive to Japan. Pearl White and a Marble Pattern help give the bike a stylish, marble quality - a mark of real luxury.

Domestic annual sales target:

240 units

Main features of the '99 Gold Wing SE

  • An exhaust gas cleaning system is fitted to enable the bike to comply with the new Japanese motorcycle exhaust emission regulations
    The Gold Wing SE's super-smooth and very powerful liquid-cooled 4-stroke horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder engine has had several modifications made to its exhaust system, consisting of some improvements to the carburetor, twinned with the incorporation of an exhaust air-injection system. This latter system re-injects air into the exhaust ports to allow unburned pollutant gases such as hydrocarbons (HCs) and carbon monoxide (CO) to be oxidized. This greater degree of combustion reduces harmful emissions considerably. After the Honda VFR, which was launched in April 1998, the Gold Wing SE is the second bike to be released by Honda in Japan in the over-250cc class that complies with the impending exhaust emission regulations.
  • The luxury color combination is exclusive to the Japanese market
    The Gold Wing SE is available in an exclusive two-tone color combination, the Pearl White and a Marble Pattern helps give the bike a stylish, luxurious, marble quality that is sure to heighten owner satisfaction.

Main specifications:

Model Gold Wing SE
Type Honda of America BC-SC22
Length x width x height (m) 2.615 x 0.955 x 1.495
Wheelbase (m) 1.690
Ground clearance (m) 0.115
Seat height (m) 0.725
Curb weight/dry weight (kg) 410/387
No. of riders (person) 2
Fuel economy (km/l)
[60 km/h test on flat ground]
Minimum turning radius (m) 3.1
Engine type SC22E liquid-cooled 4-cycle horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder OHC
Displacement (cm3) 1,520
Bore/stroke (mm) 71.0x64.0
Compression ratio 9.8
Maximum power output (PS/rpm) 97/5,000 (SAE)
Maximum torque (kgm/rpm) 15.2/4,000 (SAE)
Carburetor type VDGW
Starter self-starter type
Ignition full-transistor battery ignition
Lubrication forced pressure and wet sump
Oil capacity (l) 4.3
Fuel tank capacity (l) 23
Clutch diaphragm spring
Transmission 5-speed return
Gear ratios 1st gear 2.666
2nd gear 1.722
3rd gear 1.291
4th gear 0.964
5th gear 0.758
Reverse 8.846
Drive ratios (primary/final) 1.591/0.971 x2.833
Rake (degrees)/trail (mm) 30°00'/115
Tire sizes Front 130/70-18 63H
Rear 160/80-16 75H
Brakes Front hydraulic twin disc
Rear hydraulic disc
Suspension Front telescopic
Rear swingarm
Frame type double cradle

(Max. power and torque figures are based on SAE-standard calculations).