Honda Issues an Integrated Report – “Honda Report 2022”

September 30, 2022


TOKYO, Japan, September 30, 2022 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today issued the company’s integrated report, the “Honda Report 2022,” and made it available on the company website.

The Honda Report 2022 summarizes Honda’s medium- to long-term initiatives to enhance its corporate value from both financial and non-financial perspectives. While the Honda Sustainability Report 2022, which was published in June this year, puts primary focus on reporting progress Honda made in its sustainability initiatives, the Honda Report 2022 focuses on sharing stories about how Honda will enhance its corporate value into the future. In addition to messages from Honda’s global CEO and CFO, this integrated report includes introduction of Honda’s value creation process and company-wide / business-by-business value creation strategies, as well as specific initiatives in areas that serve as the foundation for value creation, such as intellectual property and human resources.

Honda is striving to evolve as a company to continue creating new value while upholding its desire to “help people and society” and “expand people’s life’s potential,” a purpose that remains unchanged since the company’s founding. By issuing the integrated report, Honda intends to facilitate an understanding among stakeholders of Honda’s vision and value creation initiatives. Moreover, Honda will pursue sustainable enhancement of its corporate value while continuing its efforts to have enhanced interaction with and disclosure to its stakeholders.  

Front cover of Honda Report 2022

Front cover of Honda Report 2022

 Message from the President and CEO

Message from the President and CEO

【Honda Report 2022】

【Key contents of Honda Report 2022】

Source of Value Creation:
Introduction of the driving force behind Honda’s growth and the strengths of Honda, from the perspective of Honda Philosophy and history of the company’s growth to date.

Value Creation Story:
Message from Honda CEO and overview of Honda’s value creation activities.

Value Creation Strategy:
Message from Honda CFO and introduction of specific initiatives to pursue company-wide and business-by-business value creation strategies.

Initiatives to Support Value Creation:
Introduction of ESG-related (environmental, social and governance) information related to value creation in each area of Honda’s operations such as the environment, intellectual property, human resources, product quality, supply chain and governance.