Honda Studies Collaboration with Grab Inc. in the Area of Motorcycle Sharing Services in Southeast Asia

December 12, 2016, Japan


TOKYO, Japan, December 12, 2016 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that, on November 22, 2016, it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Grab Inc., to begin discussion toward collaboration in the area of motorcycle sharing services in Southeast Asia. Grab provides ride-hailing platform through which users share and utilize automobiles and motorcycles.

In recent years, the “sharing economy” representing activities to promote the shared use of commodities has experienced a global growth trend. Within this trend, signs of the oncoming structural change which will shift emphasis from “ownership” to “shared use” of products has become increasingly visible in the motorcycle market in Southeast Asia as well.

Against this backdrop, Honda and Grab will work together and strive to realize new mobility services in the area of sharing by conducting experimental initiatives in Southeast Asia while utilizing resources of the two companies. This includes the knowledge Grab has been amassing through its ride-hailing businesses and Honda’s motorcycle lineup, sales network and services.

Honda already has a track record of locally-rooted efforts to further popularize more environmentally-responsible and safer motorcycles in the growing market in Southeast Asia. Moreover, Honda has been proactive in environmental conservation initiatives and traffic safety education for drivers and riders.

Through the collaboration with Grab, Honda will work on the mitigation of traffic congestion in urban areas through the utilization of its original telematics and other technologies. Honda will also strive for the further reduction of CO2 emissions through the adoption of motorcycle products with high environmental performance. Moreover, Honda will strive to enhance safety awareness among drivers through utilization of Honda’s know-how and facilities for traffic safety education.

Honda will continue offering a safe and convenient means of transportation which customers can use with great confidence and, at the same time, Honda will strive to contribute to the continuous growth and further revitalization of the motorcycle market in Southeast Asia.

<Comment by Shinji Aoyama, Operating Officer and Director, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.>
“In the midst of the dramatic structural change of the mobility industry, the “sharing economy” that is rapidly expanding all around the world has great potential to broaden the concept of mobility itself. For the collaboration with Grab, we will discuss how we can offer safer and more convenient products and services for our shared goal of resolving issues and challenges facing society in Southeast Asia.”

<Comment by Ming Maa, President, Grab Inc.>
“We are excited to enhance the GrabBike* user experience for our rapidly growing community of GrabBike drivers and riders by partnering with Honda, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, and create a more sustainable and efficient transport supply for Southeast Asia.  We look forward to collaborating with Honda on innovative mobility solutions over the long term as we continue to drive Southeast Asia forward.”

  • *Motorcycle ride-hailing platform provided by Grab