Honda Will Participate in Exhibition During COP21

-- A proposal for a low-carbon society with Honda technologies to “generate,” “use” and “get connected” for energy --

December 1, 2015, Japan


TOKYO, Japan, December 1, 2015 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced plans to participate in the LA GALERIE by WE* (December 2 -9, 2015), an exhibition of low carbon solutions to take place during COP21 (The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC) which began in Paris, France on November 30, 2015. Honda will exhibit its energy management technologies that will help realize a society where people “generate” and “use” hydrogen as a main source of energy and “get connected” for energy.

At COP21, the international society will strive to agree on a new framework to address climate change, which will be implemented from the year 2020. The LA GALERIE by WE is an exhibition of solutions for CO2 emissions reduction and energy conservation as means for addressing the issues of climate change facing all countries. LA GALERIE by WE is the only exhibition to be staged during the COP21, and this is the first time for an exhibition to take place together with a COP.

Honda has been striving to reduce CO2 through electrification of mobility products and by making progress in the development of energy management technologies that utilize renewable energy including hydrogen. With the hope that such CO2 reduction efforts of Honda will be useful in solving issues for international society, Honda is participating in this exhibition during COP21.

At its exhibition booth, Honda will introduce case studies of its CO2 reduction and energy conservation efforts inside and outside Japan. This will include demonstration testing of electric vehicle charging technologies, which Honda began in October 2015, jointly with the government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands where rising sea levels associated with global warming has been a major issue. Through the introduction of these case studies, Honda will propose a solution to global environmental issues.

Moreover, Honda will exhibit various products equipped with Honda technologies to “generate” and “use” hydrogen as a main energy and “get connected” for energy. The exhibit will include Honda’s original Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) equipped with the Power Creator, a high-differential-pressure electrolyzer, that “generates” hydrogen from renewable energy; an FCV that “uses” energy; and the Power Exporter 9000, the external power output, and Honda Power Manager, a V2H compatible DC normal charger, that supplies energy from FCVs and EVs to homes and other facilities to let the community “get connected.” With this exhibit, Honda will present the unique form of a “smart community” that only Honda can propose.

Beyond creating mobility products, Honda has been proactively making progress in developing technologies for the generation and effective utilization of energy used by mobility products. With this approach, Honda will continue its challenges toward the realization of the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.

Image of Honda booth

Image of Honda booth

<Key products/technologies on display>

  • Power Exporter 9000, external power output (planned production model)
  • Honda Power Manager, a V2H compatible DC normal charger
  • Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) (mockup model)
  • All-new CLARITY FUEL CELL (mockup model)