Guangqi Honda's Original Brand Introduces "Li Nian S1"

April 18, 2011, China


GUANGZHOU, China, April 18, 2011- Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., an automobile production and sales joint venture of Honda in China, yesterday introduced "Li Nian S1," the first mass-production model of Guangqi Honda's original automobile brand, Li Nian*1, which was the first original brand established by an automobile joint venture in China. With two engine size choices, 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter, the manufacturer's suggested retail prices of Li Nian S1 starts from 69,800 R.M.B. (1.3-liter MT model).

Li Nian S1 is a compact sedan developed with the goal of creating a new standard for a popular car appealing to Chinese people nationwide. Li Nian S1 realizes both advanced design and outstanding utility by combining a bold and dynamic exterior design with a strong presence, together with a spacious and comfortable interior and trunk space as big as mid-size sedan that was achieved through highly efficient packaging. Li Nian S1 has already been well-received by Chinese customers, and the number of pre-orders exceeds 3,000 units.

  • *1"Li Nian" (English brand name: Everus) is Guangqi Honda's original automobile brand with Guangqi Honda fully handling each step including design, production and sales targeting the younger generation and entry level car customers. Guangqi Honda became the first automobile joint venture in China to establish an original brand.
"Li Nian S1"

"Li Nian S1"

Key features of "Li Nian S1"

  • Vehicle length: 4,420mm, width: 1,690mm, height: 1,495mm, wheel base: 2,450mm
  • Choices of 1.3-liter i-DSI engine and 1.5-liter VTEC engine
  • Excellent fuel economy of 6.1 liter/100km*2
  • Product quality warranty of "3 years from the new vehicle purchase date or mileage of 100,000 km," which is one of the most advanced and generous warranty coverage plans among small-sized vehicles sold in China
  • *2Fuel economy of 1.3-liter MT model measured based on "fuel consumption of integrated operating condition" in China.