SmaChari-equipped RAIL ACTIVE-e bike

SmaChari-equipped RAIL ACTIVE-e bike

Service that Makes a Regular Bicycle Electric-assisted and Connected

Honda Developer Ideas

Living in the Future with Honda Mobility

“I want to make riding a bicycle to school easier.” Such desire of a Honda engineer was realized through Honda’s new business creation program.

SmaChari is a service that turns a regular bicycle into an electric assisted and connected bicycle. By making bicycles connected, a variety of functions are made possible, such as optimization of assist output according to riding situations, and displaying riding conditions such as speed and the battery level as well as detection of malfunctions. In addition,

SmaChari features safety/security functions such as activation of the electric assist system through online authentication and confirmation of location through the sharing of location data.

The SmaChari is a service with high potential, as the performance of SmaChari-equipped bicycles will continue to advance through the app.