Honda eVTOL

Honda eVTOL

eVTOL that Makes Mobility in the Skies More Accessible

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Living in the Future with Honda Mobility

Honda eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft) makes mobility in the skies more accessible for more people.

Looking to the future beyond 2030, Honda aims to create new mobility services in the skies and serve customers with the joy of expanding their lifestyle choices.

As eVTOL can take off and land vertically, people can get on and off eVTOL at various locations. It is also overwhelmingly safer and quieter compared to helicopters. Honda envisions the future where a variety of mobility products, including motorcycles and automobiles, get connected, with eVTOL at its core, and people can enjoy greater freedom of mobility.

Honda eVTOL will expand people’s life’s potential by enabling them to more freely select how and where to live and work.