Honda Mobile Power Pack e:

Honda Mobile Power Pack e:

Mobile Battery Technology that Augments the Possibilities in Daily Life

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Living in the Future with Honda Mobility

Honda Mobile Power Pack e: stores a massive amount of electricity, approximately 1.3 kWh, in a body that is less than 30 cm (12 inches) tall and weighs only 10 kg (22 lbs.).

It also features a tough and sturdy structure that has been honed while tested in harsh operating environments with high level of vibration, shock, temperature, and humidity. Efficient power supply was made possible by quick swapping at the Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: battery swap station.

Honda MPP is being used to power a wide range of products in people’s daily lives including infrastructure and business applications such as electric tricycle taxis (“rickshaws”) that are a part of the public transportation system in India, the PC05E-1 electric micro excavator prototype model (Komatsu) for use at construction sites and a small electric propulsion system for use as outboard motors. Honda MPP are also used to power Honda Power Pod e: that can be used as a large-scale power source indoors and outdoors, electric motorcycles such as the EM1 e: and the "MEV-VAN Concept", which is a vehicle designed for use in delivery services aiming for carbon neutrality.

Honda will work toward the establishment of MPP-based power supply systems that enable society as a whole to use renewable energy with care and without waste.