Honda CI-MEV

Honda CI-MEV

Cooperative Vehicle that Makes Mobility More Accessible

Honda Developer Ideas

Living in the Future with Honda Mobility

Honda CI is an advanced AI that enables the machine to understand its surroundings and the conditions of people in the vicinity and take actions autonomously. By applying this AI technology, Honda will realize the greater freedom of mobility.

The user can hail a Honda CI-equipped vehicle whenever they need a ride, and get off at any location. Leveraging this ubiquitous nature of Honda CI-equipped vehicles, Honda is striving to popularize it as a casual means of transportation for business, sightseeing, or a quick ride around the city.

The system does not rely on a pre-set map, but autonomously assesses situations, allowing flexibility to cater to the user’s intentions, such as suddenly wanting to go down a particular street. The Honda CI-equipped vehicle also recognizes road conditions and traffic signs to ensure safe driving.