Honda Avatar Robot

Honda Avatar Robot

Avatar Robot that Enables Virtual Travel

Honda Developer Ideas

Living in the Future with Honda Mobility

Honda is developing avatar robots that can perform highly precise tasks intuitively and as if the operator is there, despite the actual distance. By enabling the operator to transcend the distance and eliminate travel time, the Avatar Robot can create new value, such as enabling the operator to demonstrate expertise in high-urgency areas such as life-saving activities and/or perform tasks in places not safe for people, such as underwater and outer space.

The key to the development of the Avatar Robot was the precise, yet strong multi-fingered hand that can operate tools designed for the human hand, while being intuitive to operate.

In addition, “AI-supported remote control” technology is being used to estimate the intentions of the operator and correct the movement of the robotic hand accordingly. This technology enables operability that feels natural to the operator, overcoming delay in communication and difficulties posed by operating while looking at the image captured by a camera.