Since its first release in 1958, the Super Cub has been loved by customers all over the world, and in October 2017, reached 100 million units in cumulative production.

In 2018, the Super Cub turns 60.
Nowhere in the world has any series reached the 100 million unit milestone.
To celebrate this achievement, the Cub 60 Project was launched, to create a commemorative emblem.



The Passion in the Design

Expressing appreciation for the love shown by customers around the world

1. The crown celebrates "100 MILLION” and “ANNIVERSARY."

3. The Cub carries the heart, the number 60, signifying the history it has created.

100million anniversary 60th since 1958

2. The heart made from the number “60,” represents the 60 years customers have loved the Super Cub, and Honda's appreciation for that love.

Designer's comment

The heart, a shape that everyone around the world can understand and relate to.
The emblem not only incorporates the heart, but lays out “100 MILLION” to depict a crown and give life and movement to the overall feel (!!!!!!!!), and the Cub’s front fascia, unchanged over 60 years.

Designer: Daisuke Kuriki

Designer: Daisuke Kuriki


Until an Emblem is Born

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of an emblem celebrating 60 years and 100 million units of Super Cub.