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Career Initiatives

Honda believes that human beings are born free and are unique individuals with the capacity to think, reason and create – and the ability to dream.
Honda will continue to empower its associates with a strong will to succeed, and in order to continue to create products and services that exceed the expectations of its customers and society, will encourage, support, and provide a bright future at Honda, for these aspiring associates in their career development efforts.

Self-motivated Career Development Support

We have been strengthening two-way communication in which associates think about their career vision with their supervisors based on a career plan developed by themselves. As an opportunity to explore a career in the future, we have introduced and enhanced career training, which associates can take at their convenience, and career interviews.

Individual interview with an advisor
Individual interview with an advisor

Two-way Communication Between Supervisors and Associates

Honda will further emphasize and enhance two-way communication between associates and supervisors to discuss career paths and differences in performance evaluation, and is engaged in developing a culture in which the company and management supports self-motivated career development.

These areas are being especially enhanced:

Increasing trust, the basis of communication, between supervisor and associate

  • High quality communication
  • Deep dive into past experiences and growth
  • Sharing aspirations and target achievements

Incorporating two-way sheet (where associates can voice their concerns) and evolve communication to support associates in developing their own careers

  • Confirming values and realization of growth
  • Future career plans and consciousness and actions to achieve the plans
  • Advice from supervisors

Career Training According to Age Group

To enable employees to chart their careers themselves, Honda has established programs by age group. Training targeting employees in their 50s began in FY2021, and is being rolled out for all ages starting in FY2022.


  • Learn useful ideas to realize a career in an era of uncertainty, and envision a future career.
  • Become aware of and willing to act on the possibility of flexibly expanding and changing areas of contribution in response to changes in the environment


  • Lectures and groupwork
  • Group work (7 hours/day, live online)

Past results

Conducted: 46 times (2021), 189 times (2022)

Participants: 2,173 (2021), 9,930 (2022)

Questionnaire results
Questionnaire results

Interviews with Career Advisors (Career Interviews)

Honda conducts individual interviews with career advisors for associates to ensure that all employees can independently and autonomously pursue their diverse careers at Honda. Career advisors are nationally certified career consultants and provide a wide range of personalized career-autonomy-related support, such as balancing work with childcare and nursing care, communication in the workplace, and working styles.


  • Share and consult with a third-party career advisor about associate’s own career doubts, concerns, and thoughts.
  • Help associates deepen self-understanding and reorganize career direction and feelings based on past views of their own skills, experiences and values.
  • Assistance in setting career goals and clarifying plans to achieve these goals


  • 60-minute in-person / online interviews
  • Voluntary (hand-raising)

Past results

Participants: 2,670 (FY2022)

Questionnaire results
Questionnaire results

Defining Common Capabilities and Introducing Selectable Learning Programs

For associates to become professionals competent within and outside of the company, Honda has established "common abilities" required by all businesspeople. Honda has developed a guidebook that describes the key elements of extending and studying each common ability, as well as e-learning content to support independent and self-motivated efforts. In addition, the learning management system introduced in FY2021 is slated to evolve into a one-stop platform that will enable visualization of skill development status as well as expand learning opportunities.

System of Capability Development

System of Capability Development