Environment Initiatives


“Zero Environmental Impact” For a future beyond our time

“I want to have the freedom to follow my curiosity and adventurous spirit
so that I can experience a new world and discover new sides of myself.”

Honda wants to support such desires of people, and Honda wants to continue to be
the “power” that supports people around the world who are trying to do things based on their own initiative.

We strive to realize the joy and freedom of mobility by seeking “zero environmental impact.”
It may not be an easy goal to achieve. Because it is difficult, Honda will continue taking on challenges without giving up.

Environmental Initiatives Since the 1960s

Since the 1960s, Honda has been taking a proactive approach in resolving environmental issues.

Honda’s Initiatives Policy

Towards Realizing Carbon Neutrality

Honda’s goal is to realize carbon-neutrality for all of its products and corporate activities by 2050.

From the perspectives of both Honda and our stakeholders, Honda has organized and clarified key challenges we must address globally.

Key environmental challenges Honda has identified are: addressing climate change and energy issues, efficient use of resources, and conservation of clean air.

As such, Honda will strive to realize zero environmental impact not only with its products, but throughout the entire product lifecycle including all corporate activities.

Carbon Neutrality

Triple Action to ZERO

In order to realize carbon neutrality by 2050, Honda established its “Triple Action to ZERO” concept.

Honda’s environmental initiatives will center around “Triple Action to ZERO,” which focuses on three areas: carbon neutrality, clean energy, and resource circulation.

Honda will strive to realize by 2050 a circular / recycling society aiming for zero environmental impact through not only its products but throughout the entire product lifecycle including all corporate activities.

Triple Action to ZERO
Triple Action to ZERO

Honda's Initiatives

Honda's Initiatives

Corporate Activities Initiatives

For its initiatives to introduce energy-saving facilities, Honda will continue reducing energy use and CO₂ emissions by introducing the latest energy-saving technologies and know-how at its new and renewed production plants.

Honda will also increase carbon-free electricity usage, proactively utilizing clean energy.

Product Initiatives

Product Initiatives

Honda’s motorcycle, automobile and power products businesses have set their respective targets for the ratio of electrified products to global unit sales in 2030, and have been accelerating electrification through various measures including collaboration with other companies, while expanding and enhancing the lineup of electrified products.

Resource Circulation

Resource Circulation

Considering the importance of coexisting on this planet, Honda is taking on the challenge to reduce consumption of finite natural resources, and move to a circular value chain. Honda aims to achieve zero environmental impact from procurement of raw materials to product disposal.