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Honda Sustainability Report 2018

Honda Sustainability Report 2018
Editorial Policy
(PDF 300KB)
Message from the President and CEO (PDF 286KB)
Honda Philosophy (PDF 273KB)
Overview of Honda (PDF 887KB)
  Business Domains (PDF 505KB)
Value Creation History (PDF 213KB)
Unit Sales and Principal Operation Bases (PDF 384KB)
Matrix Management System (PDF 91KB)
Financial Highlights (PDF 320KB)
Strategy (PDF 899KB)
  Honda's Sustainability (PDF 358KB)
Roadmap for Sustainable Growth (PDF 353KB)
2030 Vision (PDF 301KB)
Materiality Matrix (PDF 351KB)
Sustainability Management Structure (PDF 353KB)
Stakeholder Engagement (PDF 393KB)
Research and Development (PDF 405KB)
Innovation Management (PDF 515KB)
Governance   (PDF 1.8MB)
  Corporate Governance (PDF 1MB)
Compliance (PDF 1.1MB)
Risk Management (PDF 303KB)
Governance Data (PDF 292KB)
Performance Report (PDF 292KB)
  Environment (PDF 1.3MB)
Safety (PDF 930KB)
Quality (PDF 1.7MB)
Human Resources (PDF 627KB)
Supply Chain (PDF 1.4MB)
Assurance / GRI Content Index /Financial Data (PDF 1.4MB)
  Assurance (PDF 663KB)
GRI Content Index (PDF 148KB)
Financial Data (PDF 140KB)