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in South America

Participating in Virada Sustentável - Facilitating Learning about Sustainability and Taking an Inspiring Approach
SDG 11 : Sustainable cities and communities

Honda participated in Virada Sustentável (meaning “to become a sustainable society”), which takes place annually in different parts of Manaus City in the Brazilian state of Amazonas. The event provides information and education about sustainability to people of different backgrounds, using an upbeat and inspiring approach to the theme. Approximately 60 Honda associates took part as volunteers supporting the event. They took the initiative in cleaning the sandy beaches of the Amazon River and actively supported education activities on the environment and traffic safety for both children and adolescents.


Customer Service Unit (Training Centre)
SDG 4 : Quality education

The initiative, aimed at young people aged 18 to 20 years in situations of social vulnerability, offers technical training in mechanical skills under the standard of the Honda dealerships network. Classes are held at the Honda Training Center in Recife, the capital of state of Pernambuco. Since its creation in 2007, the program has benefited approximately 246 young people, who have the chance to get a job. Today, most of the graduates of the Social Project in Recife work in Honda dealerships in the region. In 2018, 26 students benefited from this initiative.


Brazil: “Pelotão Mirim” Environmental Project
SDG 4 : Quality education, 11 : Sustainable cities and communities, 12 : Responsible consumption and production

A Cooperation Agreement was signed by Estudio Amazônico de Radiodifusão Ltda, Manaus Ambiental S/A, Construtora Andrade Gutierrez, Supermercado DB Ltda. and Moto Honda da Amazônia and implemented by the Amazonas State Police. The main objectives are to provide teenagers that live in the area materials and structures to create facilities that can serve as the basis for reception, distribution, training, and food and psychological services for children covered by the project.
The project provides training on health issues, citizenship and the environment as an educational and learning supplement, preparing participants for action in the community and in the labor market in the future.
An environmental squad known as mirim was formed to conduct environmental education, practice the lessons learned, extend mobilization and individual co-responsibility and collective responsibility in environmental areas located in the “Igarapé do 40”.


Brazil: Safety Riding Course
SDG 3 : Good health and well-being, 4 : Quality education

The Honda Educational Centers (CETH in Portuguese) offer no-cost training to motorcyclists with the objective of improving safe riding techniques and developing motorcycle riding skills in order to be able to face situations with greater safety and ease in traffic. This way Honda contributes to an Harmonic traffic being a very important defender of a conscious use of motorcycle. 
CETH offers free pilot training to fleet companies and public agencies such as police and firefighters from all regions in Brazil and also from other countries in South America. The three units in Brazil (Recife/PE, Manaus/AM and Indaiatuba/SP) have already trained more than 110,785 motorcycles during its 20 years of history.
In 2017, more than 12,000 motorcyclists were trained by ours specialists, improving a safe traffic and enhancing the joy of use.
CETH activities go further than just courses for motorcycles, it covers all elements involved in daily traffic in its lectures such as: pedestrian, cyclists, riders, drivers and truckers. These lectures intend to stimulate a reflection of each participant about their behavior and attitudes in the way the act. There were already more than 121.159 participants from various companies and cities all over the country impacted by this content.
To complete the activities from CETH there are actions designated for children, Clubinho Honda, promoting since the early ages fundamental concepts about safety in traffic and each one’s responsibility about it, this is a way to educate our future riders and drivers for a better behavior. More than 5.000 kids already had the opportunity to participate of this kind of activity.