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United States, Canada and Mexico : A week of coordinated social activities

For the first time in its history, Honda conducted a large-scale coordinated week of volunteer projects, the Team Honda Week of Service. From June 10 to June 19, 2016, nearly 15,000 volunteers were called to action from Honda companies in North America along with additional volunteers from more than 325 dealerships and 76 suppliers. Timed to coincide with the company’s Founder’s Day, which marks the first Honda business operation in North America on June 11, 1959, the week included coordinated community service activities and volunteer events in 41 states in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The program proved to be an unprecedented opportunity to reinforce the Team Honda spirit of working together to make a difference in local communities.


United States: Supporting the expansion of educational opportunities and research into new education methods

Founded and funded solely by Honda, Eagle Rock School opened its doors in 1993 with a mission to help the most disengaged students find their way back to an appreciation of education. Today, Eagle Rock provides a unique learning environment and supports the lives of young people by promoting community, integrity and citizenship. In addition, Eagle Rock’s Professional Development Center (PDC) works with educators from around the country to improve other high schools and make them more engaging for students.


Canada: “One Honda. One Tree.” campaign

In an effort to contribute to the re-greening of the Province of Ontario’s forests, the Honda Canada Foundation, through its “One Honda. One Tree.” campaign, plants one tree for every power equipment item and particular ATV model sold in Canada between April 1 and July 31 annually. The program has been in existence for the past 11 years, and the Honda Canada Foundation has partnered with Forests Ontario since 2013. Cooperation also extends to providing volunteers and products, including tillers, for national tree-planting activities. In FY2017, more than 21,000 trees were planted. Within the last 11 years, 140,000 trees have been seeded.


United States: Honda Rider Education Center

The Honda Rider Education Center in Colton, California, is a facility for people to learn how to ride and develop safe and smart riding skills. It is the first motorcycle manufacturer to have created unique sites specifically designed for motorcycle, ATV and Side by Side training and instruction. Instructors teach over 11,000 people a year from six-year-olds to adults. The facility is also Honda’s first Environmental Learning Center and is set on a two-acre plot of land with trails and over 2,500 different species of plants. Riders can get a feel for grassland, chaparral, woodland, riparian and desert terrains.