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Honda racing wheelchairs donated to young athletes in Dalian, China

Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (HMCI), together with Honda Sun Co., Ltd., the Honda Technical Research Institute and Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd., donated their jointly developed racing wheelchairs to three Paralympians in Dalian through the China Administration of Sports for Persons with Disabilities (CASPD). The three athletes were fitted and measured for the racing wheelchairs at the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon in October 2016 and the new models arrived in Dalian in March 2017. The athletes then plan to use the Honda-made racing wheelchairs for races on the track as well as marathons once they master them. One of the recipients took third place in the T34/53/54 class in the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon and is expected to achieve great success in the Honda racer.


Honda China Eco Mileage Challenge

The Honda China Eco Mileage Challenge is held with the aim of increasing environmental awareness and providing insight into the joy of manufacturing. The 10th challenge was staged in Guangzhou on October 18, 2016 based on the key theme of seeing how far a vehicle can travel using the least amount of energy.
 Honda in China has held the event since 2007 in support of technology challenges by young people to contribute to the development of a mobile society while addressing China’s environmental issues. Competing teams are formed by university students, high school students and Honda affiliates. Starting in 2011, the competition has included an electric vehicle division, a world first, in which teams contend to see which can travel the greatest distance during a fixed amount of time using batteries as the only power source. A total of 1,280 teams and 6,500 people have taken part in the competition over the past 10 years. The constant challenging of new technology by each team has led to a succession of records. Honda in China will continue to support young people as they strive to improve technology in the future based on environmental awareness with an eye on promoting advancement in China at the same time.


Inner Mongolia afforestation project

An afforestation project in Xinge County of Ulanqab in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region entered its ninth year in 2016. The first phase of the project that ran from 2008 to 2012 involved planting 700,000 trees on approximately 467 ha of land near the Youyi Dam. The second phase of the project from 2013 to 2017, a new five-year plan for planting trees, is currently underway on an additional 467 ha along a national highway around 2-3 km from the where the first phase was undertaken. The second phase of the plan is 83% complete, with trees planted on approximately 387 ha of land by 2016. A joint tree-planting event involving 16 affiliate companies took place in July 2016. Around 200 associates and managerial staff participated in the event and while planting seedlings with their own hands learned about the importance of protecting the natural environment. Participants also visited the area where trees were planted in 2008 and confirmed that the 30-40 cm seedlings at the time had grown to between 2-3 m, which gave all of those involved a sense of pride and joy. The project is progressing well with the strong support of specialists from the forestry department of Xinghe County, the administrative branch of the State Forestry Administration of the People's Republic of China and Beijing Forestry University.


Passing on safety education to customers and the community

Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., which engages in the manufacture and sale of motor vehicles in China, has been training driving instructors inside the company since 2005 who help spread safe driving practices. A Traffic Education Center has been established on the plant premises and takes a lead role in activities to increase safe driving among customers and the general public. A certification system has been introduced for dealerships and 352 dealerships have been certified to date. Some 610 dealership staff members provide advice on safe driving to the more than 70,000 customers. A caravan travels around major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and offers schools for Honda users that cover sudden braking, driving experience on slippery surfaces and insight into the importance of seatbelts. Eight sessions were held in 2016, mobilizing 180 Honda users. In addition, practical and experiential lessons on safe driving are given to university students and booklets on building awareness of safety are distributed to elementary school students in conjunction with regional administration and educational facilities as part of wider efforts.
 Another automobile sales and manufacturing company, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., has set up a corner area inside its plant explaining product safety technologies to increase visitors’ understanding. Classes on traffic safety are also conducted for local elementary schools.