South America

Bachiana Musicalization Project
SDG 4 : Quality education, 8 : Decent work and economic growth, 10 : Reduced inequalities

Honda Serviços Financeiros (HSF) sponsored the activity "Projeto de Musicalização Bachiana" (Bachiana Musicalization Project) which took place throughout the year 2021 in the city of São Paulo. The project aims to insert its students into the jobs market by promoting the qualification and training of professionals in the music field. It also promotes social inclusion with education of 90 children in situations of social vulnerability (poverty). The amount invested was USD 72,916.67 (BRL 350,000.00)

In 2021, due to COVID-19, the actions were carried out partly remotely and partly onsite. The Bachiana Foundation promoted an online concert with well known conductor Mr. João Carlos Martins, one of the preeminent persons in classical music in Brazil. More than 66,800 people attended the online concert.


Planting the Future
SDG 3 : Good health and well-being, 11 : Sustainable cities and communities, 12 : Responsible consumption, production, 13 : Climate action, 15 : Life on land

In June 2021, Moto Honda da Amazônia (HDA) promoted the activity “Plantando o Futuro" (Planting the Future), which was created to reinforce environmental education and encourage the planting of tree seedlings in open places such as public squares, yards of houses, etc. The goal is to expand the project throughout the community of Manaus city.

The activity involved an investment of USD 5,208.33 (R$ 25,000.00), with the objective of planting 1,000 seedlings of native trees such as Açaí, Ipê-roxo and Castanheira. It was carried out with the participation of the vice president of Moto Honda, Mr. Júlio Koga, who started with the planting of a seedling inside the company's premises, and afterwards, seedlings were donated to the associates present to plant in other location. All relevant state and municipal bodies were also present (SEMA - Secretary of State and Environment, SEMAS - Secretary of State for Environment and Sustainability and IPAAM - Institute for Environmental Protection of Amazonas), confirming HDA's wishes for the environment.


Environment Month
SDG 3 : Good health and well-being, 4 : Quality education, 11 : Sustainable cities and communities, 12 : Responsible consumption, production, 13 : Climate action, 15 : Life on land, 17 : Partnerships for the goals

During the month of June to July 2021, Honda Argentina (HAR) carried out the social activity "Mes del Ambiente" (Environment Month) based on various activities focused on environmental awareness, promoting Honda's environmental vision to collaborators and the community. The activity promoted dialogue meetings with all the collaborators to share with them the company's environmental vision. An art contest was held for the children and relatives of the collaborators, in which all the participating children won plantable colored pencils and those who came in first, second and third place won a gardening kit. In addition to the contest, native tree seedlings were delivered to all HAR members and stable suppliers with information on the benefits and tips on how to grow the plants. The action was promoted by the CSR, HSMA, FA & QPL departments at HAR facilities.


Club Honda by The Honda Safety Traffic Training Centers
SDG 3 : Good health and well-being, 4 : Quality education

In 2021, The Honda Safety Traffic Training Centers (CETH, in Portuguese), the traffic education center of Moto Honda da Amazônia (HDA), carried out the social activity "Clubinho Honda", which aims to provide traffic education for primary and elementary school children. This social activity was created to promote learning of safe traffic techniques for future generations in a different way, through animated videos, games, lectures, comics, etc.

Due to the pandemic in 2021, the activity took place online. CETH riding instructors shared videos with parents and teachers for them to forward them to the children. This activity directly benefited 33,517 children.


Free Safe Riding Course
SDG 3 : Good health and well-being, 4 : Quality education

Committed to people’s safety in traffic, Honda Motor de Chile (HMDC) promoted in Santiago city the social activity "Curso Menejo Seguro Grátis" (Free Safe Riding Course), which is carried out with free courses on safe motorcycle riding on location with the guidance of professional instructors. Theory and practice of basic riding and safety concepts are taught to the participants.

The course has all the necessary equipment, including motorcycles, information material and safety equipment. Aimed at the safety and integrity of all traffic participants, in 2021 the course had 42 Honda volunteers who taught 1,160 people.
The amount invested was USD 15,120.27 (CLP$ 12,099,996.06).


Donation of generators to the fire department of Rio de Janeiro
SDG 1 : No poverty, 11 : Sustainable cities and communities, 13 : Climate action, 15 : Life on land, 16 : Peace, justice and strong institutions, 17 : Partnerships for the goals

In February 2022, the social activity of “Donation of generators for the fire department of Rio de Janeiro” was carried out with the objective of assisting the work of firefighters in response to the natural disaster that happened in the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro. Due to the large amount of rain, landslides occurred which affected the homes of more than 50 families and more than 1,000 people were left homeless.

At a cost of over USD11,000.00, Moto Honda da Amazonia (HDA) in Morumbi, Sao Paulo donated 25 EZ3000 generators.
The activity was supported by Recreio Motos, located in Rio de Janeiro, for the configuration (setup) and delivery of the generators to the Secretary of State of Rio de Janeiro.

The generators help in the reconstruction of the affected areas, since the landslides affected the electrical grid. This activity had a high level of urgency and demonstrated once again the important role that Honda plays in the community.


Solidarity Christmas Campaign
SDG 2 : Zero hunger, 3 : Good health and well-being

With their donations, associates of Moto Honda da Amazônia (HDA) collected over 30 tons of non-perishable food to help socially vulnerable (due to poverty) families who live in the area surrounding the HDA factory. In addition to food, associates mobilized to donate monetary amounts to buy toys. The toys were donated together with the food. In the beginning, the “Campanha Natal Solidário” (Solidarity Christmas Campaign) had the goal of collecting 25 tons of food.
That goal was exceeded thanks to the associates' union. HDA contributed another 22.3 tons of food. The total amount of food donated was 52.3 tons and the amount invested was USD 43,689.40 (BRL 209,709.12).

The donations were collected in November and delivered in December 2021 to families living in socially vulnerable situations (poverty) in Manaus city in the state of Amazonas. The COVID-19 pandemic and the flooding have worsened the situation of those families but the activity helped to make their Christmas a little happier.


Food Donation
SDG 1 : No poverty, 2 : Zero hunger, 3 : Good health and well-being

With the intention of helping families impacted by the pandemic and strengthening the engagement and spirit of unity of the associates, between the months of May and June 2021, Honda Automoveis do Brasil (HAB), together with Honda Trading do Brasil (HTB) and LSL Logistics, carried out a food donation campaign in the areas of Sumaré/SP and Itirapina/SP, aiming to assist families in situations of social vulnerability in the communities of both areas.

Through the donation of food by Honda associates and outsourced workers, we were able to collect more than 9 tons of non-perishable food. All donated food was sorted and delivered to families in the community. Around 3,000 associates and outsourced workers contributed to the social activity and 56 volunteers helped deliver the kits, directly benefiting more than 2,000 people. Honda's commitment to the cause and the solidarity of all of us helped families affected by food shortages during the pandemic period.


Donation of wooden pallets for Callao Firefighter Company No. 9
SDG 1 : No poverty, 8 : Decent work and economic growth, 11 : Sustainable cities and communities, 15 : Life on land

In November 2021, Honda del Perú (HDP) donated wooden pallets to the Callao Fire Company, which were delivered with the support of two Honda employees and two outsourced workers.

The pallets were dismantled to reuse the boards in the construction of circuits for training firefighters in rescue actions for emergency care, benefiting more than 360 people. This initiative, in addition to helping with the donation of pallets for use in training, raised awareness about the reuse of materials through recycling.