Major achievements
1953 Honda's first power product, the H-Type general-purpose engine is launched.
1959 Honda's first tiller, F150 is launched.
1963 Exports from Japan begin (first destination: France)
1964 Micromini generator (E40) and outboard engine (GB30) introduced.
1965 Honda's first portable generator, E300 is launched.
1966 Hond's first  water pump, W20/30 are launched.
1969 Cumulative power products production reaches 1 million units
1976 Kumamoto Factory established
1978 Honda's first  lawnmower, HR21 is launched.
Cumulative production of generators reaches 1 million uni
1979 Asaka Higashi R&D Center established exclusively for power products
1980 The minitiller "Komame F200" is introduced.
1981 Cumulative power products production reaches 5 million units
1983 Power products production plant at Hamamatsu Factory begins production.
1984 Lawnmower production plant in the U.S. begins production
1985 Honda's first riding mower, HT3810/ HT3813 are launched.
Cumulative power products production reaches 10 million units
1986 Start-up of power products production in France
1987 Start-up of general-purpose engine and water pump production in Thailand
Extra-small portable power generator, EX300 is launched.
1988 Start-up of lawnmower production in Australia
Start-up of generator and general-purpose engine production in India
Small diesel engines are launched.
1990 Imports into Japan begin of American-made Honda walk-behind lawnmowers
1995 In-wheel type motor is launched.
Start-up of lawnmower engine production in Italy
Start-up of generator production in China
1997 Multi-directional 4-stroke engine, GX22/31
1998 Testing facility for outboard marine engines opens in Shizuoka
1999 4-wheeled electric wheel chair, Monpal ML100 is launched.
2001 Outboard engine production plant (Hosoe Plant at Hamamatsu Factory) established.
The world's largest class 4-stroke outboard engine, BF225/BF200 are launched.
2002 The world's lightest 4-stroke engine, GX25 is launched.
Cumulative power products production reaches 50 million units
2003 Household compact gas engine cogeneration unit is launched.
2006 CIGS thin-film solar cell is launched.
2009 Pianta, tiller powered by home-use butane gas canister is launched.
2010 Enepo EU9iGB, a generator powered by home-use butane gas canisters is launched.
2011 Cumulative power products production reaches 100 million units
Household gas engine cogeneration unit, MCHP1.0K2 featuring EXlink (Extended Expansion Linkage Engine) is introduced.
2012 Robotic lawn mower, Miimo is introduced in Europe.
2014 Electric-powered balde snow thrower, Yukios e, SB800e is introduced.
2017 LiB-AID E500 portable baterry inberter power source is introduced.