Honda produces approximately 46 thousand compact gasoline generators ranging in capacity from 0.9 – 12 kVA in Japan, China, France, India, Thailand and US and supplies them to North America, Europe and various other countries around the world.

The wide lineup of models is used for a diverse range of needs, such as an emergency power source in the event of a power failure, outdoor construction work, outdoor leisure activities and for disasters and other emergencies.

Honda manufacturers three types of generators.

  • In addition to generators with a conventional cylindrical alternator, it also
    produces Cyclo Converter generators incorporating a high-speed multi-pole alternator, and generators with sine wave inverters.
  • The conventional type of generator has a simple structure and is low in cost, while the two newer types feature a dedicated high-speed multi-pole alternator that incorporates an engine flywheel function, achieving high efficiency, super light weight and compact size.
  • The generator which features a sine wave inverter can be used safely with PCs and various telecommunications equipment that is highly sensitive to changes in frequency and voltage, and this had led to the rapid expansion of the market for this type of generator. This market has in fact been created by Honda’s advanced technology, and the high reliability and ease of operation have won widespread support from the people that use them.
  • 1998  saw  an  introduction  of  a  series  of  generators  that incorporated a super light weight and compact sine wave inverter offering low fuel consumption and low noise, supplementing the existing eco-throttle mechanism that achieves good fuel economy and parallel operation function that enables nearly double the power to be obtained.
  • A series featuring a dual voltage type sine wave inverter, which can be used as both an emergency power source for stores and offices as well as to operate 200V household appliances, was introduced.
  • What’s more, in 2006, the EU55is ultra-quiet generator was released, in 2009, the portable EU26i generator, and in 2018, the EU18i were introduced.


Honda will continue to enhance its extensive lineup of models by introducing
other high value-added generators.

Eco-Throttle Mechanism
This mechanism uses an electronic governor to automatically control the engine so that it is operated at the optimum speed according to the load of the machine being used. In addition to providing superior fuel economy in the practical operation range and very low noise levels.

E300 Portable Generator

Honda’s first generator was the E300 portable generator with an output of 300 VA that Honda pioneered in 1965. This model became a best seller, with cumulative production amounting to 500 thousand units. At the time, portable generators were rare, and there were various technological obstacles to be overcome in developing a portable generator that was “small, lightweight, quiet and easy to use.” The philosophy embodied in the fundamental concept for the E300 of “Creating something that did not exist before” has been inherited by the current series of generators.

E300 Portable Generator