The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019


At Honda, we believe that technology is for people.

With that in mind, we’ve developed engine and mobility solutions designed to be beneficial to all. Now we’re launching an initiative that will minimize energy consumption while making everyone’s daily lives more enjoyable.

Honda e:TECHNOLOGY. High-efficiency electrification that uses energy more effectively.

To spearhead this initiative, our next-generation hybrid vehicles e:HEV will realize outstanding environmental performance without compromising enjoyment.

Unlike traditional hybrids, where the electric motor assists the engine, in e:HEV the engine produces electricity which assists the motor. The result is the smooth ride and crisp acceleration of an electric vehicle matched to Honda’s unique control technology—and ideal driving in all situations.

That’s the “e” in e:TECHNOLOGY—electric energy that energizes people and brings smiles to their faces.

“Create, use, and share” expresses our commitment to contribute to a carbon-free future through better utilization of natural resources, and by developing new ways to distribute energy.

Energizing daily lives with you.
Honda keeps moving forward. Together, our passion will energize everyone.

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