The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Concept model

LiB-AID E500 for Music

World Premiere

LiB-AID E500 for Music: A pure power source to bring out the best audio performance

Since its debut in August 2017, the LiB-AID E500 has been used by many customers for many purposes. Some purposes were not foreseen by the Honda engineers, and one of them was powering high fidelity audio systems.

The high quality electricity generated through Honda’s unique sine wave inverter technology, the culmination of technologies evolved with Honda’s generators, was vital for an ultra low-noise, completely independent, clean power source, especially for customers needing better quality audio.

Honda developed LiB-AID E500 for Music, ideal for customers pursuing higher quality audio, by supplying high-quality electricity to high-end audio equipment. Based on the LiB-AID E500’s already high quality as a battery power supply, the LiB-AID E500 for Music’s specialized components enhance its quality as a power source for audio equipment.

  • LiB-AID E500 for Music realizes high audio quality through specialized components
  • Electromagnetic shielding inside the casing reduces electromagnetic waves which act as radiation noise on audio equipment
  • Newly developed high rigidity and damping control panel
  • High-grade audio-class power socket
  • High-grade audio-class cabling with precision conductors

The bright, metallic exterior panels on both sides of the LiB-AID E500 for Music provide a high-quality look that fits in perfectly with audio equipment.

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