The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Concept model

Honda Riding Assist-e

World Premiere

[TMS2017] Honda Riding Assist-e

Honda's unique technologies making daily life more fun with self-balancing concept model

The Honda Riding Assist-e is an experimental motorcycle featuring Honda’s unique balance control technology, developed through its humanoid robot research. The motorcycle automatically balances itself using an assistive mechanism derived from robotics technology, for ultra low-speed situations that require the rider’s attention to balance, such as traffic jams or starting and stopping.
By the motorcycle balancing itself, touring and motorcycle life is made easier, and more fun, without sacrificing the fun of riding. The Riding Assist-e is powered by electric motor. This model marks a step towards realizing Honda’s 2030 vision of “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society.”

Vehicles exhibited, specifications, etc. may change without notice.