The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Concept model

Honda Power Manager Concept

Japan Premiere

Paving the way to a sustainable society through optimal energy management.

The "Honda Power Manager Concept" is Honda’s proposal for realizing a sustainable society using power coordination that connects mobility to everyday life. This single unit controls and optimizes energy management among wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, as well as EVs, cogeneration systems, and gasoline-powered generators. Building on the model in which power consumed in the home is generated in the home, this new concept connects home and society not only to charge EVs but also to use the power stored in their batteries to create a virtual power plant* that provides a stable source of economical and greener power for everyday life. Through this and many other initiatives, Honda is continuing its challenge to realize a more affluent and sustainable society.

  • *A virtual power plant employs energy management technology to connect energy equipment distributed over a given area (renewable energy generation facilities, electric power companies, generators, cogeneration systems, storage batteries and the like) over a network, allowing them to function as a single power plant.

Vehicles exhibited, specifications, etc. may change without notice.