• What is a business jet ?

    Separate from commercial airlines, business jets are aircraft owned by companies or individuals for business purposes. Business jets can generally carry up to 20 passengers.

Uses of Business Jets

Business jets are essential for travel in large continental regions such as the U.S.


In large continental regions such as the U.S., traveling several hundred or more than a thousand kilometers for business is common. Business jets are essential tools that allow not only a company's top management but also its frontline staff to travel these long distances in a short time when needed.

Flight schedules to suit you, rather than the airline—hold confidential meetings on board

The ability to match flights to your schedule, rather than having to match your plans to an airline's schedule, is the biggest attraction of business jets. Plus, you can hold confidential meetings on board. These factors make business jets an ideal tool for increasing business efficiency.


Direct Flights—No Need to Transfer


When transferring flights on commercial airlines, waiting times often mean departing first thing in the morning and finally arriving – exhausted—at your destination in the evening. Business jets allow quick, direct flights. You can jump straight off the plane and into business mode. The difference in efficiency is obvious.         

Next to No Waiting Time—Bypass Security and Baggage Claim

While ticketing has become simpler and speedier, flying on commercial airlines requires you to undergo security checks, collect your baggage, and go through immigration screening, expending valuable time. Business jets allow you to board with minimum time for checks, and you can be driven straight from the tarmac to an exclusive terminal.


Business Jet Perofrmance

Fly higher or lower than commercial airliners to avoid congestion or turbulence


Commercial airliners fly at a cruising altitude of approximately 30,000 – 40,000 feet (9,144 – 13,000m). Business jets fly at approximately 40,000 – 50,000 feet (12,192 – 15,240m) during high-altitude flight. Of course, altitudes may vary depending on traveling distance and weather conditions.

Flight speed almost identical to commercial airliners

Business jets cruise at approximately the same speed as large airliners. Although performance varies by class, some are even capable of flying even faster than commercial airliners.


Flight range of approx. 2,000 to 10,000km


With a range of approximately 10,000km, large business jets are capable of flying the same distances as commercial airliners. This means flying between continents is also possible. Smaller business jets generally have a range of around 2,000km, making them ideal for shorter flights such as New York to Chicago (1,140km)

Capacity: generally between 5 to 20 occupants

Business jets are divided into four classes according to size and maximum takeoff weight, and the number of passengers they can carry varies accordingly. Capacity of between 5 to 20 occupants is common, with some jets capable of carrying even greater numbers.


HondaJet - an Advanced Light Jet


HondaJet is a business jet with the compact size and weight of a very light jet. Despite its small size, it offers the spacious cabin of a light jet while delivering top class flight speed and superior fuel efficiency, and a flight range approaching that of a light jet.