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The next advancement in business jet power: the HF120.

Born from the combined experience and technological excellence of GE and Honda, the new HF120 turbofan from GE Honda Aero Engines sets the stage for advanced business jet power. From concept to reality, the HF120 was engineered with a determined and well-defined goal: anticipate and fulfill the future needs of business jets. Welcome to the new dawn of flight.


Light and powerful. Simplified for greater efficiency.

From spinner to exhaust nozzle, the HF120 integrates innovative, proven technologies in an elegant, simplified approach. By reducing weight and introducing state-of-the-art 3D aerodynamic design, components are designed to interact with greater efficiency while optimizing power.

With features like high-flow, wide-chord fan blades and advanced materials, the HF120 is expected to deliver the highest thrust-toweight ratio in its class. And that will help improve payload, provide greater range and lower operating costs.

More haul. Less overhaul.

The HF120 is designed for sustained performance and productivity for both business jet and high utilization applications. For example, the high-pressure turbine features a low shock loss design composed of rugged, commercially proven materials for maximum combustor firing temperature. Weight is reduced, durability is enhanced, and, combined with high-efficiency compressors, fuel burn is lower and range is extended. In fact, the HF120 is expected to have the lowest specific fuel consumption in its class.

In addition, the HF120 will require significantly less scheduled maintenance, with time between overhaul of 5,000 hours and no need to open the engine for interim hot-section inspections. Compared to the competition, the HF120 is expected to stay on-wing 40% longer than typical business jet engines.

Entry into service is a rite of passage.

Through a rigorous testing and maturation program, the HF120 will enter into service as one of the most tested powerplants for business jets. With a target of over 10,000 total hours in testing, the HF120 is designed to demonstrate an extremely high level of durability for extended, reliable operation. Full-scale testing for the HF120 was completed in 2009.


From the drawing board into production.

On December 13, 2013, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded Part 33 certification to GE Honda Aero Engine's HF120 turbofan engine, certifying its airworthiness and setting the stage for the production of this all-new engine.

Within a year’s time, in November 2014, Honda Aero, Inc., Honda’s aircraft engine production company, celebrated the first production launch of its new HF120 turbofan engine completed at its new, state-of-the-art production facility in Burlington, North Carolina.

In December of the following year, HondaJet, equipped with GE Honda Aero Engine’s HF120 turbofan engines, received type certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration, paving the way to commencement of deliveries to customers the same month.


HF120 Turbofan Engines

HF120 Turbofan Engines

Performance Specifications*

Takeoff thrust 2,095 lbf
Thrust/weight ratio Over 5
Noise Stage 4 with margin
Time between overhaul 5,000 hrs.
Control Dual-channel FADEC

* Specifications subject to change without notice