Honda and City of Los Angeles Celebrate Two Year Anniversary of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

City of Los Angeles was first customer for Honda FCX

December 2, 2004, U.S.A.


TORRANCE, U.S.A., December 2, 2004 - American Honda today announced the second anniversary of its relationship with the city of Los Angeles as the first customer for its hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, the Honda FCX, the world’s most advanced fuel cell vehicle.  Honda delivered the first of its five FCX fuel cell vehicles to Mayor Jim Hahn back in December of 2002.  In the intervening years, the city has operated five hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles on a regular basis accumulating more than 25,000 miles as part of their alternative fuel fleet.


“Los Angeles is pleased to partner with Honda to lease these innovative fuel cell vehicles, which utilize emerging technology to significantly reduce energy use, clean our air and promote renewable energy sources,” said city of Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn.  “Fuel cells have the potential to revolutionize the transportation and energy industries, and we are proud that Los Angeles will play a major role in helping to develop the next generation of clean, energy efficient vehicles.”

“I would like to commend the Mayor and the city of Los Angeles for their vision and for taking this bold step toward a more sustainable energy future, and also thank them for becoming a customer of Honda fuel cell technology,” said Gunnar Lindstrom, senior manager of American Honda Alternative Fuels.

Today, Honda has twelve fuel cell vehicles with customers including the State of New York, the city of San Francisco, California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District, the city of Chula Vista and the city of Los Angeles.

Fuel Cell Technology Milestones


  • The State of New York begins a lease program with two Honda FCX vehicles, becoming the first state customer for the Honda FCX.
  • 2005 FCX, Honda's second generation FCV, is certified by CARB as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) and by the EPA as a Tier-2 Bin 1 (ZEV).
  • The City of Chula Vista takes delivery of one FCX vehicle.
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District takes delivery of two FCX vehicles.
  • The City of San Francisco takes delivery of two FCX vehicles.
  • Honda FC Stack is publicly demonstrated in Japan in below freezing conditions.


  • Honda develops breakthrough fuel cell stack (Honda FC Stack) that starts and operates at temperatures below freezing while improving fuel economy, range and performance with reduced complexity and potential for reduced cost.
  • The city of Los Angeles takes delivery of three more FCX vehicles.
  • Honda showcases fuel cell technology at 2003 Challenge Bibendum.
  • Honda begins experiments with hydrogen Home Energy Station and improves solar cell technology for production of hydrogen.


  • The 2003 model year Honda FCX becomes the first and only hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle to receive both EPA and CARB certification for commercial use.
  • The City of Los Angeles begins a lease program with two Honda FCX vehicles, the world's first commercial application of a fuel cell vehicle.


  • The first solar powered hydrogen production and fueling station built and operated by an auto company opens in Southern California at Honda R&D Americas headquarters in Torrance, California, as part of Honda's fuel cell technology and infrastructure development efforts.
  • Fuel cell prototype vehicle FCX-V4 is introduced.


  • Honda introduces and demonstrates fuel cell prototype vehicle FCX-V3 at the California Fuel Cell Partnership in Sacramento, California.


  • Honda Introduces fuel cell prototype vehicles FCX-V1 and FCX-V2.