HRC and Toni Bou Agree to Extend Contract by Three Years

January 15, 2021


January 15, 2020 - Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) announced that it has reached an agreement with 34-year-old Spanish rider Toni Bou, currently competing in the FIM*1 Trial World Championship TrialGP class for HRC’s factory team*2 “Repsol Honda Team,” to extend their contract for three years starting in 2022.

Toni Bou began his Trial World Championship career in 2003, and in 2007 joined Repsol Montesa HRC*3 to earn his first world championship title riding the Montesa COTA 4RT (HRC factory bike). Since then, he has won the championship every year including 2020, giving him 14 consecutive titles. Toni Bou also has won all 14 indoor X-Trial World Championships since 2007. With 28 world titles, Toni is still going strong.

*1 FIM: Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
*2 Factory team: Racing team managed by the bike manufacturer. For Honda, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) manages its factory teams.
*3 Repsol Montesa HRC: Currently Repsol Honda Team

Toni Bou and his Montesa COTA 4RT

Toni Bou and his Montesa COTA 4RT

Toni Bou in action

Toni Bou in action

■ Toni Bou | Repsol Honda Team

“I am super happy with this news. I have Honda to thank for placing their trust in me. It is a great team and a fantastic alliance, in which we have achieved so much success and, in difficult moments like these, it makes me proud that they have shown such confidence in me. Renewing from 2022 is a reward for my career and also for the great work we have done together over these years. I hope I can stay here for many more years; it is my home, where I hope nothing will ever change.”

■ Yoshishige Nomura | Honda Racing Corporation President

“I am pleased that Toni Bou will continue to race for the Repsol Honda Team next year and beyond. Winning 28 consecutive championships is an astounding achievement. Some years he had to battle with injury, but still won, a show of his unparalleled determination to win the title. Maintaining his mental, skill and physical condition at the top level is also no easy task, and I would like to thank him with all my sincerity. HRC will continue to provide him with the best bike and team to help him keep on winning.”