Honda's Cumulative Worldwide Power Products Production Reaches 150 million Units

September 19, 2019, Japan

Power Products

TOKYO, Japan, September 19, 2019 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that Honda's cumulative worldwide power products production reached the 150 million-unit milestone this month.

Based on the original spirit of Honda to utilize technology to help people, Honda Life Creation business, which includes power products business, began in 1953, with production of a general-purpose engine for agricultural equipment (Type-H engine). The starting point of Honda power products business was the desire to help people working in the agriculture and fishery areas by using Honda engine technologies to reduce manual labor. Today, Honda power products are produced at 13 factories in 11 regions/countries including Japan (Kumamoto Factory and Hosoe Outboard Engine Plant), the U.S., where lawn mower production began in 1984, Europe, China, Asia/Oceania and Central/South America.     

Honda has been utilizing its core technology, the general-purpose engine, to expand its power products lineup which now includes products that provide the power to help people in their daily lives, such as tillers and lawn mowers, as well as products that generate energy, such as generators. Honda power products are being used regularly in various situations by people all around the world. 

Working toward the realization of a low-carbon society, Honda has been proactive in developing and introducing electrified products, especially in recent years, including the Honda Walking Assist Device, robotic lawn mowers and an electric storage unit, which further diversified Honda power products. With annual sales of more than 6.3 million units, power products business has been an integral part of Honda’s overall business.  

In addition to power products business which centers around the general-purpose engines, Honda Life Creation business will deepen Honda’s long-standing initiatives in the energy field and build connectivity with electrified mobility products such as battery EVs.

In order to fulfill Honda’s 2030 Vision to serve people worldwide with the “joy of expanding their life’s potential,” Honda Life Creation business will offer new value in people’s daily lives for customers all around the world for Honda motorcycles, automobiles and power products.

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  (For reference)  Key milestones in the history of Honda Life Creation business


Key milestones


・Market launch of Honda's first power product, the H-type general-purpose engine


・Market launch of Honda's first tiller, F150.


・Start of power products exports from Japan (first destination: France)


・Development of micromini generator, E40
・Market launch of outboard engine, GB30


・Market launch of Honda's first portable generator, E300


・Cumulative power products production reaches 1 million units
・Market launch of Honda's first water pumps, WL20


・Establishment of Kumamoto Factory


・Market launch of Honda's first walk-behind lawn mower, HR21


・Establishment of Asaka Higashi R&D Center as a dedicated power products development center


・Market launch of Komame F200 lightweight mini-tiller
・Market launch of HS35 snow thrower


・Cumulative power products production reaches 5 million units


・Start of production at power products production plant at Hamamatsu Factory
・Market launch of GX Series general-purpose engines


・Start of lawn mower production in the U.S.


・Market launch of Honda's first riding mowers, HT3810/ HT3813
・Cumulative power products production reaches 10 million units


・Start of power products production in France


・Start of general-purpose engine and water pump production in Thailand


・Start of lawn mower production in Australia
・Start of generator and general-purpose engine production in India


・Cumulative power products production reaches 20 million units


・Start of generator production in China


・Market launch of GX22/31, the world’s first 360-degree-inclinable 4-stroke engines
・Cumulative power products production reaches 30 million units


・Cumulative power products production reaches 40 million units


・Completion of construction of outboard engine production plant (Hosoe Plant at Hamamatsu Factory, currently Hosoe Outboard Engine Plant)
・Market launch of iHS1390i, the world’s first hybrid snow thrower


・Market launch of the world's lightest 4-stroke engine, GX25
・Cumulative power products production reaches 50 million units


・The 50th anniversary of Honda’s Power Products (currently Life Creation) business


・Cumulative power products production reaches 60 million units


・Completion of construction of power products production plant at Kumamoto Factory


・Cumulative power products production reaches 70 million units
・Strengthening of R&D system and capability at Asaka Higashi R&D Center and the establishment of Power Products R&D Center


・Cumulative power products production reaches 80 million units


・Market launch of Pianta FV200 mini-tiller powered by household butane gas canister
・Cumulative power products production reaches 90 million units


・Market launch of Enepo EU9iGB generator powered by household butane gas canisters


・Cumulative power products production reaches 100 million units
・Market launch of BF250 large-sized 4-stroke outboard engine


・Change in business operation name from “General-purpose” to “General-purpose power products”


・The 60th anniversary of Power Products (currently Life Creation) business
・Market launch of HSL2511 large rotary snow thrower equipped with the world’s first auger assist function


・Start of lease sales of Honda Walking Assist Device


・Market launch of LiB-AID E500 portable power source


・Change in business operation name from “Power Products” to “Life Creation”
・Power Products R&D Center was renamed as the Life Creation Center
・Cumulative power products production reaches 150 million units