Honda Begins Sales of All-New Honda SHUTTLE Compact Station Wagon

May 15, 2015, Japan


TOKYO, Japan, May 15, 2015 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today began sales of the all-new Honda SHUTTLE at dealerships across Japan.

The Honda SHUTTLE is a new compact wagon that fuses together a number of features and values including ease of use unique to a vehicle in the 5-number size category, the excellent fuel economy of a compact car, a stately and stylish form that has a strong presence, a flat luggage space with class-topping*1 capacity and high-quality driving performance.

The gasoline-powered version of SHUTTLE is equipped with a 1.5-liter direct-injection DOHC i-VTEC engine, while the hybrid version is equipped with the SPORT HYBRID i-DCD*2, Honda’s hybrid system that realizes excellent environmental performance and sporty driving performance. Moreover, for the first time with any station wagon in the 5-number size available in the market*3, the all-new SHUTTLE has a 4WD option Furthermore, the hybrid version realized top-in-class level*1 fuel economy of 34.0km/liter (JC08 mode*4).

The all-new SHUTTLE features a luggage space not only with class-topping*1 capacity, but also a large opening, flat floor and convenient and ample storage space that can be used in various ways depending on the type of luggage, realizing comfort and ease of use and a sense of high quality.

  • *1Station wagon in the 5-number size category. Internal research by Honda (as of May 2015)
  • *2i-DCD is an abbreviation for “Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive
  • *3Internal research by Honda (as of May 2015)
  • *4SHUTTLE HYBRID (FF) without manufacturer options was tested by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan


●Sales plan(in Japan, monthly) Total 3,000 units
●Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (in Japan):  
<SHUTTLE> ◎shown in the photo
Type Engine Transmission Drive Price with 8% consumption tax  
Atkinson cycle
7-speed DCT system
with a built-in
high-output motor
FF 1,990,000 yen  
4WD 2,184,400 yen  


FF 2,190,000 yen  
4WD 2,384,400 yen  
HYBRID Z FF 2,380,000 yen
4WD 2,542,000 yen  
G 1.5L direct-injection
CVT FF 1,690,000 yen  
4WD 1,884,400 yen  

<SHUTTLE Special needs vehicles>

Type Engine Transmission Drive Price with 8% consumption tax
with a rotating passenger seat
Atkinson cycle
7-speed DCT system
with a built-in
high-output motor
FF 2,087,200 yen
4WD 2,281,600 yen
with a rotating passenger seat
1.5L direct-injection
CVT FF 1,825,000 yen
4WD 2,019,400 yen
  • *The price does not include insurance premium, taxes (excluding consumption tax) and cost related to vehicle registration.
  • *Based on the automobile recycling law, a separate recycling charge will be necessary. The recycling charge includes a recycling deposit (cost necessary to recycle shredder dust, airbags, chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) and information management cost) and a fund management cost.
  • *32,400 yen (30,000 yen excluding consumption tax) extra charge for White Orchid Pearl, Tinted Silver Metallic, Gold Brown Metallic, Midnight Blue Beam Metallic, Mystic Garnet Pearl.

<Key features of all-new SHUTTLE> 
■Dynamic and stylish exterior design with strong presence

  • While a compact wagon, the all-new SHUTTLE features original exterior styling that embodies new values and maximizes its functions as a station wagon. The styling combines a flowing and lively roofline and dynamic lower body that gives a strong sense of presence.
  • Honda’s further advanced design identity, “Solid Wing Face,” was adopted to emphasize a wide and advanced look and create a dynamic and sharp impression by designing the front grille and headlights as one uninterrupted flow.
  • The all-new SHUTTLE is equipped with a newly developed inline-type LED headlight*5 which features a structure that reflects the LED light source with reflectors and realizes a design to let the entire headlight light up as if it is one surface. The combination of this headlight and line-shaped position lamp further emphasizes the uninterrupted flow from the front grille to the headlights.
  • *5Available for certain types

■Interior design with outstanding visual and tactile quality and the ease of use that satisfies the occupants

  • An innovative crystal black panel that spreads as if it envelops the driver is located in the middle of the dashboard that boldly features a large-sized soft-touch pad. Such high-definition visual and tactile qualities, which go beyond the vehicle class, create a relaxing cabin space for all occupants.
  • A high-deck center console creates a personal space for both the driver and front passenger. This console helps realize excellent occupant comfort and user-friendliness of the all-new SHUTTLE by offering an armrest as big as that of a high-end sedan model, drink holders, a tray, front console pockets which are placed in an easy-to-reach spot for both driver and front passenger and large-sized console box where tablet devices can be stored.
  • For the seat surface material, an ultrafine fiber is used to create a high-density fabric construction that pursued a tactile impression that is smoother and softer than suede. This seat material realizes a new visual and tactile quality that makes people want to touch it spontaneously.

■Packaging that maximizes the value of a spacious and easy-to-use cabin in a station wagon and outstanding ease of handling

  • A spacious cabin was realized inside of a compact body that fits within the easy-to-handle 5-number body size category in Japan.
  • The all-new SHUTTLE gets a class-topping luggage space capacity of 570 liters*6 while carrying five occupants. When rear seats are folded down, carrying two occupants in front, the length and capacity of the luggage space can be expanded as far as 184cm and 1,141 liters, respectively.
  • A flat floor and large tailgate opening with low ground height make the loading and unloading of luggage easier, realizing user-friendly luggage space for the all-new SHUTTLE.
  • While securing enough head room to create a sense of openness inside the cabin, the overall vehicle height was kept as low as 1,545mm*7 which fits in most parking structures in Japan*8.
  • *6Luggage space capacity of SHUTTLE HYBRID (FF) including under-floor storage space (30-liters). Luggage space capacity was measured by Honda using the VDA measuring method.
  • *7Please be aware that this vehicle may not fit in all parking structures. Even when a parking structure is said to have enough clearance, depending on the conditions of the vehicle, there may be some cases where the vehicle does not fit due to a cautionary warning from the vehicle height sensors or interference with height clearance bars. Please make sure to check the conditions of the vehicle/parking structure.
  • *8Vehicle height of 4WD model is 1,570mm.

■Ingenious luggage accessories that contribute to true occupant comfort

  • Creating a space to put precious small items that occupants do not want to put on the floor or seat of the vehicle, SHUTTLE HYBRID X and HYBRID Z feature two multi-use baskets on the backside of the seatback of rear seats. The right- and left-side baskets can be used independently and they are easily accessible from the rear seats. When not in use, these baskets can be folded flat.
  • A storage box located under the luggage space floor is made of a stain-resistant plastic material providing occupants a place to store dirty items such as muddy shoes.

■SPORT HYBRID i-DCD that realizes top-in-class level fuel economy and dynamic driving

  • Being equipped with Honda SPORT HYBRID i-DCD, which combines a 1.5L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine, 7-speed DCT system with a built-in high-output motor and the IPU (intelligent power unit) that unifies a lithium-ion battery and power drive unit, the all-new SHUTTLE realized top-in-class level fuel economy of 34.0 km/liter.
  • For the first time with any station wagon in the 5-number size available in the market, SHUTTLE has a 4WD version available. Through the adoption of a 4WD system with a lightweight and compact viscous coupling unit, excellent fuel economy unique to a hybrid vehicle is realized while enhancing the peace of mind of users who drive in cold or snowy climates.

■Thorough pursuit of occupant comfort and quietness that resulted in a high-quality space for mobility

  • The steering and suspension system were designed exclusively for this model to realize sporty and stable driving as well as excellent occupant comfort that makes a long drive less tiring. Moreover, the SHUTTLE HYBRID X and HYBRID Z are equipped with front and rear amplitude reactive dampers which help realize both excellent occupant comfort and driving stability.
  • Featuring a number of ingenious technologies that enhance sound absorption/insulation effects, including a front window made of sound insulation glass*9 with an embedded layer of sound insulation plastic, as well as a sound absorbing floor under cover, the all-new SHUTTLE realized quietness equivalent to that of vehicles in higher classes, enabling occupants to enjoy conversation even during high-speed cruising.
  • In order to realize both fun driving and high driving stability at the same time, strong and yet flexible structures were adopted for multiple body areas. By optimizing reinforcement of rigidity and overall balance in each area, the all-new SHUTTLE realized exhilarating handling while driving on a winding road. This effect can also be felt during lane changes on a highway.
  • *9Hybrid vehicles only