Honda Collection Hall: Track-testing the Exhibits 2017

July 18, 2017

The Honda Collection Hall preserves its historic products and racing machines in a fully operational state. As part of maintaining the machines, track tests, open to the public, are held periodically. On July 18, 2017, former Honda factory rider Hikaru Miyagi tested machines in front of a crowd of appreciative Honda fans.


RC181 (1967)

Isle of Man TT Dominator and Lap Record Setter

RVF750 (1995)

The Machine Went with 212 Laps in the Suzuka 8hours

RVF750 (1997)

The Machine that Won the 20th Anniversary Suzuka 8hours

NSR250 (1999)

The Bike that Won 5 out of 16 Grands Prix

NSR500 (1999)

The Machine that Won the Championship Six Years in Row

VTR1000 (2000)

The New V2 Suzuka 8hours Machine

RC211V (2002)

The New V5 Machine that Won the Premier MotoGP Championship

CBR1000RRW (2004)

The 8hours Machine that Achieved an Unprecedented Eight Consecutive Wins


Castrol MUGEN

NSX (2000)

The Machine that Won the Team Championship

Lotus Honda

100T (1988)

The Machine that Made its Mark with Satoru Nakajima on Japan’s Formula One History

Williams Honda

FW11 (1986)

Winner of Honda’s First Formula One Constructors’ Title