WCT Team Japan Trial des Nations 2019

  • Team Japan Clinches Second at the Trial Des Nations

    The Trial des Nations was a great success for Team Japan, with Takahisa Fujinami, Kenichi Kuroyama and Tomoyuki Ogawa on the podium in a very noteworthy runners-up position.


Team Japan Clinches Second at the Trial Des Nations

Ibiza, Spain, September 27-29, 2019

Ibiza, the white island, this weekend played host to the nineteen participating countries for the 2019 Trial des Nations. Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou once again led the Spanish team alongside compatriots Adam Raga and Jeroni Fajardo. Accruing a mere four penalty marks, the Spanish team dominated throughout the fifteen sections in Ibiza to clinch the 2019 Trial des Nations championship title. The victory represents a 26th national win, the 16th on the spin.

The Trial des Nations in Ibiza has finished with a great success for Team Japan. Takahisa Fujinami, Kenichi Kuroyama and Tomoyuki Ogawa made it onto the podium in a very noteworthy runners-up position. 

Without doubt, Japan, the most veteran of the nineteen teams who participated in the Trial des Nations in Ibiza, were the competition's big surprise, claiming second place at the end of the trial. The riders – normally rivals in the individual competition - this time, showed themselves to be more of a team than ever, working perfectly towards a common objective. On the Spanish island the team sent by the Motorcycle Federation of Japan, consisting of Takahisa Fujinami, Kenichi Kuroyama and Tomoyuki Ogawa come away with a sweet flavor after having clinched second place.  

The rankings from the previous day didn't look too promising for Team Japan. Takahisa Fujinami was riding in an attempt to place the team into second position, but a minor error on the final obstacle left the rider in the final position. 

The main event in Ibiza was scorching hot and the sections very dry. Team Japan started the trial in first place, opening the sections without the advantage of previous points of reference from the rival teams. But the squad made an immediate impression; by the end of the first fifteen-section lap, the trio was already in second place, a position which they held on until the end.


Toni Bou

“Today was an easy trial, where there was a lot of adherence in the sections, and we knew that we would have a tough job to make a difference. Finally, we rode a very intelligent trial - very good technically. We picked up two marks, both in section nine on each lap, where it was very easy to five. We cleaned the rest of the sections, so between the three of us we form a great team. Riding with them is always an honor. Congratulations to the organization for the trial.”

Takahisa Fujinami

“I'm very happy. For us this is like a victory since Spanish team is practically unbeatable. Second in the end - so we are very happy as we have all worked very hard. This year has been fantastic for me with the third place in the world championship and now a runner-up spot here. This is fantastic, I am happier than ever.”



Trial des Nations 2019

Rank Nations Riders
1 Spain Toni Bou
Adam Raga
Jeroni Fajardo
2 Japan Takahisa Fujinami
Kenichi Kuroyama
Tomoyuki Ogawa
3 France Benoit Bincaz
Alexandre Ferrer
Teo Colairo
4 Great Britain James Dabill
Jack Price
Toby Martyn
5 Italy Matteo Grattarola
Luca Petrella
Gianluca Tournour
6 Norway Jarand matias Vold Gunvaldsen
Haakon Pedersen
Sondre Haga