RidersPaulo Goncalves

  • Paulo Goncalves

    Date of Birth : 5th February 1979

    Birthplace : Esposende, Portugal

    Height・Weight : 168㎝・75kg


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Team HRC returns to the Dakar Rally with the latest version of the stage-winning Rally bike. In 2013, the participation of Team HRC with the prototype based on commercial competition enduro model, generated valuable information on key areas such as engine power, aerodynamic performance, durability and maintenance requirements, which was used as a basis for the design of new CRF450 RALLY. For 2015, the Rally bike was updated with some new technologic additions, maintaining the fuel injection system PGM-FI which has proven effective even under severe environmental conditions and highly variable as exist in Dakar, and for 2018 the bike is a further update to the 2017 and 2016 machine which led the Dakar Rally, and proudly wears the Monster claw.


Champion Records

1993 Portugal Motocross Class 80cc Champion,
Portugal Motocross Under-18 Class 125cc Champion,
Portugal Motocross Class 125cc Champion,
Portugal Motocross Champion,
2nd place Portugal Motocross Championship Class 250cc
1998 Portugal Motocross 250cc Class Champion,
Portugal Motocross Champion,
3rd place Europe Motocross Championship
1999 Portugal Motocross 250cc Class Champion
2000 Portugal Motocross 250cc Class Champion,
2nd place Europe Motocross Championship
2001 Portugal Motocross 250cc Class Champion
2002 Portugal Motocross 250cc Class Champion,
Portugal Supercross Champion,
Portugal Enduro National Class 4T Champion,
2nd place Enduro Junior Championship,
I.S.D.E. Gold Medal
2003 Portugal Enduro National Class 250cc 4T Champion
2004 Portugal Enduro National Class 250cc 2T Champion,
I.S.D.E. Gold Medal
2005 Portugal Enduro National Class 450cc Champion,
I.S.D.E. Gold Medal
2006 25th overall Dakar Rally,
Portugal Motocross Class MX2 Champion,
2nd place Portugal Supercross Class SX2
2007 23th overall Dakar rally,
Portugal Motocross Class SX1 Champion,
Portugal Motocross Class Elite Champion
2008 Portugal Motocross Class Elite Champion,
Portugal motocross Class 450cc Champion,
Participant of PAX Rally Portugal
2009 10th overall Dakar Rally (2nd place Dakar class 450cc, 1st place Dakar Super Production Amateurs)
2010 2nd place Portugal Cross Country Championship
2011 Cross Country German Champion,
Racing in Morocco Rally
2012 4th place Cross Country Championship,
Racing in Morocco Rally,
4th Overall Cross Country Rally World Championship
2013 10th Overall Dakar Rally,
FIM World Champion Cross-Country Rallies
2014 Racing in Dakar Rally
2015 2nd Overall Dakar Rally,
3rd place FIM Cross-Country Rallies
2016 Racing in Dakar Rally
2017 6th Overall Dakar rally
2018 Desafio Ruta 40 Champion