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Toba Loses Podium in the Final Turns, Ogura Crashes on Opening Lap

May 20, 2019

Honda Team Asia’s Kaito Toba entered the final corners with a real chance to win the race, but contact with Canet wiped out the possibility.


Chantra and Dimas Crash at Chaotic Le Mans

May 20, 2019

A cold track set the stage for a difficult Moto2 race at Le Mans, where IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia’s Somkiat Chantra had the rhythm to finish in the points and Dimas Ekky Pratama improved lap by lap, but crashed four laps before the end.


Ogura Leads Practice for the First Time, Toba Into Q2

May 6, 2019

Honda Team Asia’s Ai Ogura dominated the first day of Moto3 practice in Le Mans, meanwhile teammate Kaito Toba is only 0.650s off the pace.


Good Start for Chantra, Dimas Still with Room for Improvement

May 6, 2019

IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia’s Somkiat Chantra started the Moto2 French Grand Prix week with a 20th position, very close to the group who will go directly to the Q2.

2019 Schedule

Moto2 / Moto3

TestingMar 03, 2019Qatar Qatar Moto2Moto3

Rd.01Mar 10, 2019Qatar Qatar Moto2Moto3

Rd.02Mar 31, 2019Argentina Argentina Moto2Moto3

Rd.03Apr 14, 2019United States United States Moto2Moto3

Rd.04May 05, 2019Spain Spain Moto2Moto3

Rd.05May 19, 2019France France Moto2Moto3

Rd.06Jun 02, 2019Italy Italy Moto2Moto3

Rd.07Jun 16, 2019Catalonia Catalonia Moto2Moto3

Rd.08Jun 30, 2019Netherlands Netherlands Moto2Moto3

Rd.09Jul 07, 2019Germany Germany Moto2Moto3

Rd.10Aug 04, 2019Czech Czech Republic Moto2Moto3

Rd.11Aug 11, 2019Austria Austria Moto2Moto3

Rd.12Aug 25, 2019United Kingdom United Kingdom Moto2Moto3

Rd.13Sep 15, 2019San Marino San Marino Moto2Moto3

Rd.14Sep 22, 2019Aragon Aragon Moto2Moto3

Rd.15Oct 06, 2019Thailand Thailand Moto2Moto3

Rd.16Oct 20, 2019Japan Japan Moto2Moto3

Rd.17Oct 27, 2019Australia Australia Moto2Moto3

Rd.18Nov 03, 2019Malaysia Malaysia Moto2Moto3

Rd.19Nov 17, 2019Valencia Valencia Moto2Moto3

IDEMITSU Asia Talent Cup

Rd.01Mar 09-10, 2019Qatar Qatar

Rd.02Mar 16-17, 2019Thailand Thailand

Rd.03Jun 15-16, 2019Malaysia Malaysia

Rd.04Oct 05-06, 2019Thailand Thailand

Rd.05Oct 19-20, 2019Japan Japan

Rd.06Nov 02-03, 2019Malaysia Malaysia

Points Standings

IDEMITSU Asia Talent Cup

1 Sho Nishimura Japan 90
2 Takuma Matsuyama Japan 67
3 Tatchakorn Buasri Thailand 57
4 Adenanta Putra Indonesia 53
5 Afridza Munandar Indonesia 52
6 Warit Thongnoppakun Thailand 44
7 Herjun Firdaus Indonesia 32
8 Piyawat Patoomyos Thailand 26
9 Shoki Igarashi Japan 26
10 Abdul Mutaquim Indonesia 21

11 Muhammad Idil Fitri Bin Mahadi Malaysia 15
12 Samuel Voight Australia 15
13 Syarifuddin Azman Malaysia 13
14 Luke Power Australia 12
15 Ryosuke Bando Japan 11
16 Hildhan Kusuma Indonesia 10
17 Jacob Roulstone Australia 9
18 Rei Wakamatsu Japan 4
19 Kadir Erbay Turkey 2


Moto2IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia

#20 Dimas Ekky Pratama

Nationality: Indonesia

#35 Somkiat Chantra

Nationality: Thailand

Moto3Honda Team Asia

#27 Kaito Toba

Nationality: Japan

#79 Ai Ogura

Nationality: Japan


#31 Bill Van Eerde

Nationality: Australia / AsiaTalent Team

#32 Haruki Noguchi

Nationality: Japan / AsiaTalent Team

#33 Yuki Kunii

Nationality: Japan / AsiaTalent Team

#34 Mario Aji

Nationality: Indonesia / Astra Honda Racing Team