The Numbers

Honda’s achievements are not just the number of race wins.
800 wins represents a whole wealth of details.

Despite being commercial road racing machine, the RS125R gave eight riders the WGP125 championship. Being so dominant, the RS125 was widely regarded as the only way to win in GP125 at the time. No other bike,from any manufacturer, has given rise to as many champions.

Of the 127 WGP series held to date (1959 - 2020), Honda has won the manufacturers title 71 times, a statistic that shows the sheer dominance of Honda’s racing bikes.

The NSR500’s competitiveness and improved stability contributed to winning every single round in the 1997 season. From late 1996 to 1998, the NSR500 won, without fail.

Since its first win in 1961, Honda, along with its world class riders, has conquered the world time and time again.

Professional riders in Spain, Italy and the whole world love Honda’s racing bikes, and win championships on Honda machines.

Since the 1959 Isle of Man TT races, Honda’s bikes have competed in 1,788 races over 61 years. Honda has won nearly half of those races.

The Isle of Man TT races have been held the most times in WGP racing history. Comparing the average speed between Honda’s bike that won the 125cc class in 1961, and the Moto3 class bike that won in 2019, the difference in average speed is 30.4km/h. This represents the advances in technology over this period, and will undoubtedly widen as Honda racing bikes continue to become faster, and stronger.

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