NSR250R 1985

Dominates 250cc class
Becomes the winning machine for second consecutive year
Hiroshi Aoyama becomes champion on 2007 model

The Final 250cc Class Champion Winning 121 Races over 16 Years

The RS250RW, a factory machine based on the RS250R commercial racer. The RS250R was developed by HRC on the foundations of the 500cc class title-winning NS500, and debuted in the All Japan Road Race Championship in the 1984 season. The RS250RW was a factory version of the RS250R. The RS250RW first appeared in world championship racing in 1985. Freddie Spencer entered the 250cc class, and on his RS250RW won 7 of the 12 grands prix - a stunning debut. The following year, the NSR250, based on the RS250RW, took the world championship by storm, winning 121 grands prix and 11 titles in the 16 years leading up to 2001. Max Biaggi and Daijiro Kato were victors on the RS250RW, later moving on to premier class racing. In 2002 the RS250RW reappeared as a factory machine, and won 9 races in both 2004 and 2005 seasons, becoming a title-winning machine. Although missing out on titles between 2006 and 2008, the RS250RW still won a determined 6 grands prix. Honda had, in fact, halted development of the Honda RS250RW in 2007, so in 2008, Honda competed against rivals’ state-of-the-art works machines using a 2007-model machine. The same machine was even used to compete in the 2009 season, which would undoubtedly be a more difficult challenge. In fact, Hiroshi Aoyama - returning to Honda after 4 years - was in contention for the championship on his “obsolete” RS250RW, winning 4 out of 16 grands prix, gaining points in every race, and never finishing worse that 7th, and indeed clinching the riders' championship. Not only did the Honda RS250RW win the final 250cc class season - with a Japanese rider - but it also won against the latest factory machines despite its development being halted in 2007.

2-stroke V-2 2-cylinder
1985 Anton Mang