RC213V 2012-

Honda wins triple crown
Honda wins consecutive triple crown
Honda wins double crown (riders and constructors)
Honda wins triple crown
Honda wins consecutive triple crown
Honda wins third consecutive triple crown

Current Champion: Overcoming Obstacles to Shine Even Brighter

The RC213V was unleashed in 2012, designed specifically for the new regulations that increased engine displacement from 800cc to 1000cc. Two types of machines (1000cc and Claiming Rule Teams ) raced in MotoGP this year. The RC213V had increased output due to the larger engine, but as fuel tank capacity was restricted to the same 21 liters as before, so too much focus on output alone was not feasible. The 2012 model had to find the best balance between output and fuel economy. Another issue that had to be cleared was weight. 2012 regulations raised minimum weight from 150kg to 153kg. All manufacturers built their racing machines to comply with the new regulations, but during off-season testing, the regulations were suddenly changed, raising the minimum weight once again, to 157kg. In motor sports, even an increase of 100g drastically changes the machine’s behavior. Every team, including Honda, was forced to redevelop every aspect of their machines. As the season started, a new problem - chattering from the front tyre - arose. Honda persevered and continued developing the machine throughout the season, ending on the podium in every race, and winning 12. Honda won the constructors' title for the second year running, and its factory team - Repsol Honda Team - clinched the teams' title by winning 12 grands prix. In 2013, Marc Márquez entered the premier MotoGP class, and with his promising talent since his Moto2 days, rode the RC213V to victory in 6 races, becoming the world’s youngest world champion, and contributed to Honda’s triple crown. Márquez and the RC213V went on to dominate the 2014 season from the opening round winning 12 straight grands prix, giving Honda its second consecutive triple crown with a total of 14 wins in 18 races, rewriting the records including the most number of season wins.

In 2016, MotoGP class regulations were drastically changed, with the introduction of limited engine units and the use of common ECU (Engine Control Unit) software. This year, Honda introduced the RC213V, conforming to the new regulations. Marc Marquez was on the podium in twelve of the 18 grands prix, five of which he won. With a massive points lead, he won the riders championship, giving Honda the constructors title as well, testifying to the new bike’s performance. In 2017, Honda won the triple crown, after failing to do so in the past two seasons, and went on the repeat the dominance in 2018 and 2019, raising Honda’s triple crown tally to nine times.

Liquid-cooled 4-stroke V-4 DOHC 4-valve
Maximum Output
over 175kW
over 160kg
2019 Marc Marquez