RC212V 2007-2011

Casey Stoner becomes champion on RC212V
Honda wins triple crown

Triple Crown Winner Against the Odds

In 2007, MotoGP class regulations were changed to curb the excessive speeds the machines were reaching: The maximum displacement for 4-stroke engines was reduced from 990cc to 800cc. To comly, Honda released its successor to the RC211V, the RC212V. To avoid disadvantages due to minimum weight regulations, Honda replaced the V-5 engine which powered the RC211V with an engine it had more experience with - the V-4 engine. Honda was adamant in winning, even under the new regulations, but in 2007 and 2008 seasons, managed only two wins each at the hands of Dani Pedrosa. Victories were hard to come by in 2009 (3 wins) and 2010 (4 wins), but in 2011, Honda’s hard work paid off. The 2011 RC212V was a radical modification: Not only the engine, but every aspect was modified, especially aimed at optimizing the center of gravity to improve cornering. Six MotoGP riders were given task to race the RC212V, and one rider in particular, Casey Stoner, who had just joined the Repsol Honda Team, stood out as he won 10 of the 18 grands prix to become champion. Andrea Dovizioso finished 3rd, and winner in 3 races, Dani Pedrosa, 4th to give Honda the riders', teams' and constructors' titles.

Liquid-cooled 4-stroke V-4 DOHC 4-valve
Maximum Output
over 155kW
over 150kg
6-Speed Transmission
2011 Casey Stoner