Round 3

United States Track Report

April 15, 2019

What’s the balance after a difficult day in Austin?

The balance is clear and it’s not good because we got 0 points. But on the other hand Marc was two-steps ahead when he was on track, this is what gives us the will to continue working with full motivation and high hopes.

At this moment we don’t know what happened with Lorenzo’s bike, we are investigating and we need some time to understand what the problem was.

What was the strategy for the Americas GP?

The strategy for Marc was start and go, it was what was happening but unfortunately Marc lost the front. But the strategy was the same as in Argentina, but these things happen - this is racing. Jorge’s target was the top ten, but in the first two laps he was not super fast. But once he stabilized he kept his rhythm well and was moving ahead in the classifications, but then he had the problem that we still don’t know about fully.

Crutchlow was again unlucky because today he was really fast and we are also very sorry for him.

Positive points and negative points after the race?

The positive points are that neither Marc nor Cal are injured. Marc is stronger than ever and he showed it in the last two races. And the negatives are obviously that we have 0 points in Austin.

The view from pit wall during the race?

A black day is always followed by a sunny day, so the canopy must to be ready for black days and sunny days.

Inside story apart from official comments?

Our riders would like to thank our partner Repsol for the visit to NASA on Wednesday before the race. It was an amazing experience for them.