Round 18

Malaysia Track Report

November 5, 2018

What was the strategy for the Sepang race?

Marc’s strategy was try to start well because he was starting from the third row and wanted to see who was in the lead group. He had to save his tires because we didn’t know how good they would be at the end of the race. He wanted to stay up front and then fight for the victory, as he did. Marc pushed in the last laps, but we didn’t expect Valentino [Rossi] to be so strong. Marc forced him and forced him until he made a mistake.

The positive points and negative points after the race?

The positive is Marc’s victory, his ninth this season, plus Honda’s 24th Constructors World Championship in the premier class and also Dani’s result, because he made a step forward, improving compared to the last races. We will have the chance at Valencia to win the triple crown. 

The view from pit wall during the race?

We saw a very defensive fight from Valentino. It was surprising – great merit to him and he fought until the end.

The inside story apart from official comments?

It’s been a busy week with some events with sponsors and the Honda Asian Journey once again, where all the Honda riders had the opportunity to meet their fans. About Sepang, the atmosphere was amazing once more, with more than 100,000 enthusiastic fans here today.