• Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 Day 3 Report

    Honda has added to its Goodwood site a report of its activities for Day 3 at the greatest celebration of car culture and motorsport, the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 Day 3 Report

7 July 2019

Friday was a great success with loads of people excited about the future of electric mobility and the way Honda is leading the way, but Saturday sees things getting kicked up yet another notch as we enter the real weekend with even bigger crowds.

On day three of the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the hill climb action intensifies with appearances from Formula 1, drift cars, motorbikes and plenty more. Over at the main arena, some of the automotive world's biggest stars showcase their talents with displays that take your breath away. Whether you’re into F1, drifting, rallying, NASCAR or just about any other kind of motorsport, Saturday at the Festival of Speed isn’t to be missed.

Even though we're three days into this year's event there are lots of visitors to the eye-catching Honda stand still keen to see and learn more about our revolutionary new all-electric car that will soon be going into full production, the Honda e. These may still be early days for electric cars as far as actually getting the public buying and driving them is concerned, but it's clear an EV has to be far more than just another car, but with an electric motor instead of a combustion engine. A close examination of the Honda e interior quickly reveals Honda is ahead of the game already, as the e certainly isn’t an everyday model.

Practicality is an attribute the Honda e takes very seriously, and this compact model boasts a very spacious interior with a modern minimalist aesthetic that provides a relaxed, comfortable and calming feeling for everyone inside. With melange-style sofa fabric and other tactile materials normally found in luxury homes, and a striking walk-through flat floor in the front and rear of the cabin, the sense of spaciousness is something to behold.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

When you see and experience the cutting-edge technology and connectivity inside the new Honda e, you could be forgiven for thinking it was another of those motor show concept cars that will be massively toned down by the time it appears for sale in showrooms. If you do, then think again. The car features an intuitive and customisable dual screen horizontal display for controlling a range of intelligent applications and services. Lots of next-generation digital aids are in evidence alongside the car’s comfort and infotainment controls to make multi-tasking a breeze, and wing mirrors have been replaced by screens at either end of the dashboard that show rear-view images relayed from the Honda's Camera Mirror System.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

Although there are no wing mirrors on the outside of the Honda e, there are a couple of cameras that at first glance look like they could be very tiny wing mirrors. The cameras look simplistic and functional, which is completely in-line with the unique exterior styling of this game-changing electric car. When you see the Honda e you immediately know it's something different because of its smooth body contours that lead from the bonnet to the panoramic windscreen and help to create a continuous surface up and over where the front passengers sit. As well as reinforcing the simplistic aesthetic, and in conjunction with the stepless A-pillars sitting virtually flush with the glass, the exterior design helps to deliver a quiet, refined journey at the same time as further enhances the car's aerodynamic performance and efficiency.

Other standout exterior features include flush 'pop out' door handles, which along with the cameras replacing traditional door mirrors, are exclusive for a vehicle in the Honda e's class. At the front and rear of the Honda are noticeable black panels that have unique concave profiles that are sure to become the defining design motifs of this particular model, along with the unique round light clusters that give the Honda e Prototype something of a 'human face.'

While it's almost impossible these days to avoid people and the media talking about the inevitable takeover of the market by electric cars, we don’t hear anywhere near as much about electric motorbikes.

Honda Racing 60th Anniversay Celebrations at Goodwood - Day 3