• Red Bull Honda Third, F.C.C. TSR Honda France Fourth at Suzuka

    Red Bull Honda ended the 2019 Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race on the podium in third place, while F.C.C. TSR Honda France narrowly missed out on retaining the Endurance World Championship title, finishing fourth in the race to take second in the world standings.


Suzuka 8 Hours Race Report

SUZUKA Circuit, Japan, July 28, 2019

The day arrived: the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race (Suzuka 8 Hours) would finally begin. Due to bad weather the previous day, the Top 10 Trial was canceled and all teams would start according to timed qualifying results from two days ago.

2019 Suzuka 8hours

Red Bull Honda (#33, Takumi Takahashi / Ryuichi Kiyonari / Stefan Bradl) was 3rd on the starting grid, MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda (#634, Xavi Fores / Dominique Aegerter / Ryo Mizuno) 4th,  and F.C.C. TSR Honda France (#1, Josh Hook / Freddy Foray / Mike Di Meglio) 7th. Further down the grid were au Teluru SAG RT (#090, Kosuke Akiyoshi / Tetsuta Nagashima / Taiga Hada) 8th, KYB MORIWAKI RACING (#19, Yuki Takahashi / Tomoyoshi Koyama / Troy Herfoss) 10th, Honda Suzuka Racing Team (#25, Yuudai Kamei / Daijiro Hiura / Jun Tadokoro) 12th, Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (#22, Md Zaqhwan Zaidi / Andi Farid Izdihar / Teppei Nagoe) 19th, Team ATJ with Japan Post (#44, Taro Sekiguchi / Satoru Iwata / Takuma Kunimine) 20th, Honda Endurance Racing (#111, Randy de Puniet / Yonny Hernandez / Sébastien Gimbert) 21st, and Honda DREAM RT Sakurai Honda (#72, Sodo Hamahara / Shinichi Ito / Kosuke Sakumoto) 23rd.

Due to a penalty incurred during timed qualifying, MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda would start from the pits 90 seconds after the race began.

Race day dawned to clear skies, with the ambient temperature soon hitting 30℃. In free practice from 8:30 am to 9:15 am, Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA’s Izdihar gauged how well he could ride after injuring his right little finger when he fell during Qualifying. According to team manger Makoto Tamada, “we’ll go mainly with Zaidi and Nagoe, and we plan to use Izdihar as our support rider.”

Aiming to overcome their points deficit and win the Endurance World Championship (EWC) title, F.C.C. TSR Honda France’s president and team manager Masakazu Fujii said “we’re aiming to go 220 laps and set a new record,” while Red Bull Honda’s team manager Toru Ukawa, aiming for their first win in 5 years set his sights on “220 laps or more.”

The race started as the ambient temperature hit 32℃, and the track up to 47℃. On the warm-up run, au Teluru SAG RT’s Nagashima fell at the S-curves. MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda’s Mizuno waited patiently in the penalty area. As the lights went green it was Suzuki’s Sylvain Guintoli who took the holeshot, and 90 seconds later, Mizuno was allowed to start his race. As the opening lap completed, F.C.C. TSR Honda France’s Hook led, with Guintoli (Suzuki) close behind. Guintoli retook the lead on Lap 3, leaving Hook, Nakasuga (Yamaha), Haslam (Kawasaki) and Red Bull Honda’s Takumi Takahashi to battle for 2nd. On Lap 10 the fight for 2nd catches Guintoli. Two laps later, the safety car is deployed to retrieve a damaged bike at the 200R. During the 13-minute yellow flag, Nagashima was in to the pits.

The race restarted on Lap 17, led by Guintoli, chased by Nakasuga, Hook, Takumi Takahashi, Haslam, Canepa (Yamaha), Bridewell (Suzuki), Yuki Takahashi, and Iwata.

On Lap 19, Iwata moves up to 8th. Nagashima crashes again at the chicane on Lap 21. Mizuno moves up to 17th. The race order on Lap 25 was: Guintoli still in the lead, Nakasuga, Haslam, Hook and Takumi Takahashi. Further back were Iwata 7th, Yuki Takahashi 9th, Kamei (Honda Suzuka Racing Team) 12th, Zaidi (Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA) 13th, and Mizuno 14th. On Lap 27, Guintoli finally relinquished his lead to Nakasuga at Turn 2. Meanwhile, Takumi Takahashi was up to 3rd, and on Lap 28, moved up another place at the S-curves. On Lap 30, he took the lead from Nakasuga, and taking advantage of his bike’s fuel efficiency advantage, kept it for the next three laps until he pitted for the first time, handing the reins to Bradl. Once out on the track, Bradl takes the lead on Lap 34, and is 1.9s ahead of Alex Lowes (Yamaha). Lowes, however, overcomes Bradl on Lap 42. At this time, Rea (Kawasaki) is 3rd, with Di Meglio 4th. Koyama is 8th, Sekiguchi is 10th, and Aegerter moves up to 11th. Hiura is 13th, and de Puniet recovers to 14th. Nagoe is 15th, with Ito up to 17th.

After the 2-hour mark, Lowes leads, ahead of Bradl, Rea and Di Meglio. Aegerter is up to 7th, with Koyama, Sekiguchi and Hiura rounding off the top 10. de Puniet is 13th, Nagoe 14th and Ito 15th.

As the race entered its second hour, the track temperature rose to 52℃. Lowes, Bradl and Rea fight for the lead on Lap 57. Lowes pitted giving the lead to Rea, chased by Bradl. Michael van der Mark (Yamaha) entered the track in 3rd, ahead of Foray. On Lap 64, Bradl entered the pits to hand the bike to Takumi Takahashi, who takes the lead from Haslam the following lap, and sets the fastest lap of 2 min 7s246 the following lap. On Lap 85, van der Mark and Haslam enter the pits at the same time, handing their bikes to Nakasuga and Rea, respectively.

On Lap 86, Nigon, riding for the Kawasaki leading the EWC championship, slid off the track at the Musashi chicane, returning to the race in 17th. At this stage F.C.C. TSR Honda France, 3rd in the EWC, was in 4th place, five places ahead of the Suzuki ranked 2nd in the EWC.

Takumi Takahashi still led, but Rea was up to 2nd. Nakasuga was 3rd, Hook 4th, and Giuntoli 5th. Takumi Takahashi pitted on Lap 91, handing the bike to Bradl, who was back out on the track with the lead intact. By Lap 95, Rea and Nakasuga were 4.499s behind Bradl, within striking range. Bradl was lapping at 2 min 9s, but Rea and Nakasuga were 2 seconds faster, reeling Bradl in at an alarming rate. Bradl picks up pace on Lap 97 with a 2 min 8s lap, but the gap is 2.792s. On Lap 99 the gap is down to 0.918s, and as traffic became congested on Lap 100 with back-markers, Rea took the lead at the Musashi chicane. Nakasuga also passed Bradl, who was determined to keep up with the Suzuki.

Four hours and 109 laps into the race, Rea leads. Nakasuga is 2nd, Bradl 3rd and Hook 4th. Mizuno is 7th, Yuki Takahashi is 9th, Hiura 10th, Nagoe 12th, Iwata 13th, Sugahara 14th, and de Puniet 16th.

On Lap 119, Bradl handed his Red Bull Honda to Takumi Takahashi. Haslam led the race on Lap 120, with Lowes 2nd. Takumi Takahashi is back on the track in 3rd, aiming to catch Lowes 3.376s ahead, and Haslam 7.455s ahead. Lowes and Takumi Takahashi up their pace to 2 min 7s, closing in on Haslam. On Lap 123, Takumi Takahashi closes in on lowes with a 2 min 7s267 lap, reducing the gap to 0.944s. Three laps later Takumi Takahashi is 0.182s behind Lowes, and on Lap 129, passes Lowes at the 130R. His next target: Haslam. On Lap 130 Haslam is 4.282s, lapping in the 2 min 8s range. Takumi Takahashi increases his pace to 2 min 7s, but so does Lowes, close behind. The gap to Haslam is reduced to 0.538s, and on Lap 136 is 0.359s, but Lowes is also upon Takumi Takahashi for a three-way battle to lead. As back-markers at the S-curves cause the leaders difficulties, Takumi Takahashi takes the lead from Haslam, who is also passed by Lowes.

On Lap 143, Takumi Takahashi still leads. Rea is 2nd, van der Mark 3rd. Takumi Takahashi hands the Red Bull Honda bike over to Bradl on Lap 148, who is passed on his out lap by Rea and van der Mark.

Fores (MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda), running 7th at this stage briefly departs the track at the Degner, but returns with his position and bike intact. Sakumoto (Honda DREAM RT Sakurai Honda), 12th, sets a 2 min 9s lap, moving up a place to 11th.

Six hours into the race on Lap 163, Rea leads, van der Mark is 2nd, Bradl 3rd and Foray 4th. Fores is 7th, Herfoss 9th, Sakumoto 11th, Nagoe 12th, Hiura 13th and Hernandez is 16th.

Race leader Rea pits to hand his bike to van der Mark. Despite returning to the track with lead intact, Red Bull Honda’s Bradl overtakes van der Mark on Lap 168 at the chicanes. Bradl maintains his head, with Haslam 2nd and Nakasuga 3rd, who were catching up with 2 min 7s laps. As Bradl hands his bike to Takumi Takahashi, the lead goes to Haslam. Back on the track in 2nd with Nakasuga behind him, Takumi Takahashi moves to within 3s of Haslam by Lap 185. Haslam was lapping at 2 min 9s, but Takumi Takahashi was a second faster, chipping away at the Kawasaki rider’s lead. The gap on Lap 188 is down to 0.570s. Takumi Takahashi increases his pace to 2 min 7s, closing in on Haslam, and on Lap 190 takes the lead at the S-curves. The Kawasaki pits, giving Takumi Takahashi some breathing space. Takumi Takahashi builds a 13.081s gap with Nakasuga, but still has to pit his Red Bull Honda one more time. Rea sets the fastest lap of 2 min 6s911, charging through the field. Takumi Takahashi pits on Lap 197, followed by Nakasuga. Bradl was standing by in the Red Bull Honda pit to take Takahashi’s place, but after new tires and fuel, Takumi Takahashi was back out on the track with his lead intact for a double-stint.

On Lap 198 the gap between Takumi Takahashi’s lead and Rea is 2.939s, with Lowes further back. Mano a mano, Takumi Takahashi and Rea set their best sector times, and on Lap 199, Takumi Takahashi laps at 2 min 7s413, Rea 2 min 7s375. On the following lap, Rea’s 2 min 6s805 lap brings him to within a second of Takumi Takahashi, and two laps later, Rea takes the lead from Takumi Takahashi at Turn 1. On Lap 203, the oil flag is waves and race leader Rea barely misses the bike next to him crashing from hitting debris on the track, sparks flying. Takumi Takahashi also avoids the incident.

Minutes past 7:00 pm, rain starts to fall on the Spoon Curve. Rea leads, Takumi Takahashi is 2nd, and Lowes 3rd. Teams stand by with rain tires ready, but there is no sign of rain on the main straight. Lowes speeds up to the 2 min 9s range, and on Lap 208, while Rea is lapping at 2 min 15s and Takumi Takahashi at 2 min 14s, charges at s min 10s despite the peril of slipping on a wet track. Rea was 23s ahead of Lowes, but after a few laps, Takumi Takahashi was only 3s ahead. The Red Cross is removed from the Spoon Curve, and on Lap 211, Lowes overtakes Takumi Takahashi. Rain starts falling on the East course as well. With 12 minutes remaining, Rea leads, Lowes is 2nd, and Takumi Takahashi is 3rd. With 6 minutes remaining, the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team bike blows out white clouds of smoke, ending their race, and their chances of winning the EWC championship. The rider pushes his bike towards the pits.

Rea completes Lap 217, and considering the remaining time, enters his final lap. He slips on oils at the S-curves, crashes out off the track, and an instant later, the red flag stops the race. The other riders head back towards the pit lane in the rain. Final results gave the win to Kawasaki Racing Team with YAMAHA FACTORY RACING TEAM 2nd, Red Bull Honda 3rd, and F.C.C. TSR Honda France, missing out on their chance to retake the EWC title, 4th.MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda started last, and finished 7th. KYB MORIWAKI RACING was 9th. Honda DREAM RT Sakurai Honda finished 10th, giving Honda five of the top 10 finishes.

In the pre-race ceremony, former World Grand Prix rider Takuma Aoki rode in a demonstration run. Aoki had lost the use of his legs in an accident in 1998, but continued his racing activities as an assistant manager and advisor. He currently organizes the "Let's Rentai" endurance race with Honda GROMs and Monkeys, invigorating the amateur racing categories and making motorsports more popular. 22 years since he last rode at the Suzuka Circuit, Aoki demonstrated his skills on a CBR1000RR specially fitted with paddle shifters.



Takumi Takahashi | Red Bull Honda (#33, 3rd)

“We had good pace this Suzuka 8 Hours. I think I’ve never raced as hard as I did in the final stint. I gave it everything, but we lost, so we have to think about how to win next year. Stefan did a fine job even though all of a sudden we had only two riders, and Kiyonari did his best to be able to race. We made it on the podium, but I’m not satisfied at all. Still, we gave it our best, so we have to accept the results. We’ll do better next year.”

Stefan Bradl | Red Bull Honda (#33, 3rd)

“It was my first Suzuka 8 Hours, and I had a lot of fresh new experiences. I’m really glad to be able to compete in this special race. I could feel how much the crowd were supporting me while racing. They were great, giving me a lot of support. I’m grateful to Takumi [Takahashi], Kiyo[nari] and HRC. Both riders helped me where I lacked. Every day during race week was a challenge, and I think I did fine. Takumi’s double-stint was amazing. He rode an amazing race. It’s not easy to win the Suzuka 8 Hours, but I love it because it’s so difficult. I really hope I can race here again next year.”

Ryuichi Kiyonari | Red Bull Honda (#33, 3rd)

“I didn’t race at all, and missed most of Qualifying. I’m so sorry to the team and my teammates that I couldn’t contribute more. I fell sorry for myself. But, I’m also grateful that we finished on the podium. If I have another chance, I want to race here again.”

Toru Ukawa | Red Bull Honda (#33, 3rd) Team Manager

“Kiyonari’s condition wasn’t good, so we decided early in race week to go with two riders. When Takumi pitted for the last time I asked him if he could do a double stint, and left it up to him. It was a decision to try and win, but I relied on him too much, asked too much of him, and for that I’m sorry. The team is responsible for not winning. The riders did a great job, and for that I am grateful. We’ll be rebuilding the team for next year. I’m grateful to everyone who believed in us winning, and will fulfill their wishes. Thank you.”

Josh Hook | F.C.C. TSR Honda France (#1, 4th)

"First, I'd like to thank all of our fans who supported us so much. And, I'm also grateful to everyone at Honda motorsports. I'm so grateful that I was chosen to ride in such a high-level of competition. I hope to be able to come back again next year, stronger, and win the title again."

Freddy Foray | F.C.C. TSR Honda France (#1, 4th)

"I'm proud to be able to ride for Honda on their 60th anniversary of racing. It was a tough race, but I did my best. I gave it 100 percent, so I have no regrets. Our competition was strong, but we learned how to get closer to them. It's a pity we finished 2nd in the championship, but we've already switched over to preparing for next season to win the title back."

Mike Di Meglio | F.C.C. TSR Honda France (#1, 4th)

"Thank you all for your support. I'm also grateful that Honda provided us with such a superb bike. The bike is really good, and by racing here at Suzuka, I've been able to gain a lot of experience for next year. We pushed to finish on the podium, and managed to finish 4th, 2nd overall in the championship. The wonderful support of our fans in Japan gave us that extra energy today."

Masakazu Fujii | F.C.C. TSR Honda France (#1, 4th) Team Manager

“We tried to defend our EWC title, but failed. In all honesty, we didn’t have much of a chance. We were unlucky throughout the year, and we weren’t strong enough. That’s reality. There were some aspects of this situation we foresaw last year. But again, that’s racing. That’s life. So, we’ll start over. We raced here today at Suzuka, but I have staff already working on the season opener in Bol d’Or in September. Tomorrow we start our work on next season in earnest. Sepang will be an inaugural event, so we’re aiming to win that. We’ve been fighting for the title around the world, so it’s great to see so many fains in Japan. We’l keep on fighting.”

Xavi Fores | MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda (#634, 7th)

“It was a hard race. I lost a bit of confidence, wondering if we could do a good race, if I could stay motivated, because of the 90 second penalty before the race began. It was my first endurance race, but once the race started, my two teammates did an amazing job, and so did the team supporting us, and the staff. That gave me all the confidence I needed when I went out on the tack. I had many new experiences in my first Suzuka 8 Hours, and had a lot of fun during race week. The Suzuka 8 Hours is well known in Europe, and so it the team. Everyone in Europe told me how amazing it was for me to be a part of this team and fight the tough battle with them, and now I know how right they are. If I get the chance, I want to race at the Suzuka 8 Hours again. I want to be on the podium with the team staff. It really was fun. Thank you all, team!”

Dominique Aegerter | MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda (#634, 7th)

“We had a 90 second penalty, but my teammates did a great job, the bike was amazing, and we did a great race without any mistakes. We were able to race as fast as the factory teams for a while, but they pulled away a bit in the last 4 hours. I hear that Red Bull Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki were preparing for the race for a long time, so we were at a disadvantage. I think we could have kept up in the second half if we had more time to develop our bike. They were racing to win the Suzuka 8 Hours and were willing to take risks, but we were at a large disadvantage as we didn’t have that option, and we had to finish the race at all costs. I thought we had a chance to close the gap with the leaders when the safety car came out, but the timing was wrong for us, and we couldn’t close the gap, which was a shame. Still, 7th is not a bad result, and I had a fun race. I’m grateful to the Moto2 MV team for allowing me to race here. MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda is a truly professional team, and working with them was fun. It gave me an aggressive feeling. I hope I can race with this team again next year, so please call me! I strongly wish to win with this team.”

Ryo Mizuno | MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda (#634, 7th)

“There wasn’t much we could do about the penalty, so we concentrated on the race ahead of us. The team was adamant on going the distance, and I’m glad that all of us stayed upright throughout the race. 7th is the minimum we could have done. I’ve done two stints before and this time it went well, but racing the third stint for the first time, I felt tired and my pace was not good. I feel as if I’ve been christened by the Suzuka 8 Hours. I’m disappointed with that, but I gained good experiences, and I’ll be able to race better in the second half of the All Japan Road Race Championship.”

Yuki Takahashi | KYB MORIWAKI RACING (#19, 9th)

“We went into the race with the mechanics, team staff, Koyama, and Troy being ultra-efficient and error-free. Of course I would like to have finished much higher up, but it’s amazing that we completed the 8 hour race without any mistakes, considering our situation.
We opted for Pirelli tires even though the trend is Bridgestone, and gave it everything we had. I’ll improve with these new experiences. I’d like to thank everyone for supporting us.”

Tomoyoshi Koyama | KYB MORIWAKI RACING (#19, 9th)

“I’m glad we achieved our minimum goal of finishing in the top 10. The track was hot, so it was pretty hard on the tires. The grip would drop down if I pushed too hard, so I opted for riding error-free. As long as we could gradually improve our averages, we’d have a chance.
On my final stint I’d calculated that we could catch up by the last lap, but I saw the bike in front of me blow out oil, so I decided to ride cautiously. I’m proud of being able to ride for MORIWAKI. Thank you everyone for your support.”

Troy Herfoss | KYB MORIWAKI RACING (#19, 9th)

“I’m really happy. I’m proud that I could get good results with the MORIWAKI team. The team and riders were flawless, and our results are because everyone did their best work. It was very hot and the pace was brutal, but I’d like to celebrate our 9th place finish. If I have the chance, I’d like to return next year, and get better results.”

Md Zaqhwan Zaidi | Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (#22, 11th)

"This year’s race was very tough for me because only Teppei were riding during the race, because of Andi’s finger not in 100 percent condition. I was in a good phase until the safety car came out and my gap with the top 10 became too big. We were behind the 2nd safety car so I lost almost on lap with the leading group, but for me I never gave up and tried to push myself until there was a strange feeling with the bike, which had a shifter and maybe a ratio problem, but finally we managed the bike until the last lap and finished in the top 10. Thanks to all my boss who came to support our team and all our sponsors, and of course all our team members who worked very hard this week. For sure next year we will become stronger and get better results."

Andi Farid Izdihar | Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (#22, 11th)

“I feel very sad that I couldn't join the race today. I wanted to try but my hand is still not fit and I feel pain. I stood by while only Zaqhwan and Teppei raced. I thank them for finishing the race. I'm sorry that I couldn't join them."

Teppei Nagoe | Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (#22, 11th)

“It was a very hard race today. It was very hard because only Zaqhwan and I rode. Everybody in the team did a great job. I learned many things and feel happy today. It was very hard work this weekend. Thanks to team and fans. I feel very tired but happy today."

Makoto Tamada | Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA (#22, 11th) Team Manager

“Thanks very much to our riders and all our staff. Eight hours of this year was very hard. Andi had a problem. Finally only two riders rode. The bike was not perfect and had a problem. But our riders fought on and finished 11th. I'm very happy with the result. It was a very good experience on the mechanical side. Of course this team will be getting better. We will perform better in the next 8 Hours race."

Randy de Puniet | Honda Endurance Racing (#111, 13th)

"It was a really hard week because we had some difficulties during all the sessions, but today we made some big changes and it was a little bit better. The pace today was much better. Without Yonny's crash and the small technical issue it would have been possible to enter the top 10. We finished twelfth, which is not bad. Yonny crashed but this is not a problem, it is a race and he wanted to stay in a good rhythm, and I crashed in the past as well, so there is nothing to moan about in this point as it always can happen and it was not a stupid crash. I think our team, the riders and the crew, did a really good job. Sometimes it was hard to accept the situation but in the end we improved the setting for the race and it was better than in the rest of the week. We understood many things and can build on that in the future. It was difficult but we all stayed strong together all the time and so did a good job."

Yonny Hernandez | Honda Endurance Racing (#111, 13th)

"At the end I am not so happy because we know we have the potential to fight further up at the front. But here it was a difficult week during the practices and the race. The race itself was really hard, especially to keep a fast rhythm. I tried to do my best and to understand the bike. I wanted to push on lap times, more was not possible today. ‘Positive’ is the word for the work we have done with the team during the week to get the setup better though. I have to say a big thanks to the team and we finished the 8 hours which is something always to be proud of. At the end it was not so bad because we were in P12 but for sure we need to find a solution for the Bol d'Or because we know we can do better."

Sébastien Gimbert | Honda Endurance Racing (#111, 13th)

"It was not easy; this week was very complicated. We had a strange situation and were fighting the chattering all the time. May lap times have been too slow because I compare that to SERT or F.C.C.. I am not happy because this result is not my objective but it is okay because we finished the race which is the first thing you have to do in endurance racing and especially at the end it wasn't easy to do that today. It is strange to finish this season as we did, but now I am focusing on the Bol d'Or because this will be the last race for me and I want to win to finish my career on a high note. I am happy I have such a strong team behind me and my teammates are really, really strong so I am looking to the Bol d'Or with confidence."

Jonny Twelvetrees|Honda Endurance Racing (#111, 13th) Team Manager

"It has been a really, really tough week. It has not really got going for us and every time it did, whether that was practice or qualifying, and we thought we started to get some momentum, there would be a little crash or we hit a ceiling on the lap time. And that happened in the race today: We started to get some momentum and made our way through the field and then it was a crash or we had a bit more fuel consumption than we had planned or a small technical issue. We never really got going, which is a bit disappointing, because I think we could have been a challenger in the top 10 but it wasn't to be. The end of the race, well, with the result of some other teams in the last minutes, this shows how unlucky you can be in this sport and how punishing it is, so this puts it all in perspective. We learnt something, got some homework to do before we go to the Bol-test."

Kosuke Akiyoshi | au Teluru SAG RT (#090, 32nd)

"The results are disappointing, but the team and the riders did a great job. We had the potential and all our riders were fast, so it's my responsibility as manager that I couldn't bring out the best in them. We had good pace during the race, so we'll aim for the podium next year."

Tetsuta Nagashima | au Teluru SAG RT (#090, 32nd)

"I was careful during the warmup and stayed at the same pace as everyone else, so my crash was completely unexpected. The team did a great job to repair the bike, and I managed to lap in the 2 min 8s or 9s range while keeping an eye on my fuel consumption, so if I hadn't tumbled, it could have been so much better! If I get the chance, I'll aim for the podium next year."

Taiga Hada | au Teluru SAG RT (#090, 32nd)

"I rode two 29 lap stints. I realized it was so difficult to lap slower riders while trying to improve my lap times. It was my first Suzuka 8 Hours, and I learned a lot being able to ride with Akiyoshi and Nagashima. I'll use this experience I gained in the second half of the All Japan Road Race Championship."


2018-2019 FIM Endurance World Championship
Suzuka 8hours Race

Rank No. Team Machine Laps
1 10 Kawasaki Racing Team Suzuka 8H Kawasaki 216
3 33 Red Bull Honda Honda 216
4 1 F.C.C. TSR Honda France Honda 215
6 7 YART - YAMAHA Yamaha 214
7 634 MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO. Honda Honda 213
10 72 Honda Dream RT SAKURAI HONDA Honda 211
11 22 Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA Honda 210
13 111 Honda Endurance Racing Honda 209
17 96 TEAM FRONTIER Honda 207
19 25 Honda Suzuka Racing Team Honda 206
28 88 CLUB NEXT & MOTO BUM Honda 199
32 090 au・Teluru SAG RT Honda 197
34 70 Honda Koyokai DREAM Racing Team Honda 196
38 112 Honda EG Racing Honda 195
40 55 Honda Hamayuukai Hamamatsu Escargot Honda 192
43 34 Honda Ryokuyokai Kumamoto Racing Honda 191
51 42 Sinshu activation project . Team NAGANO Honda 169
52 78 Honda Blue Helmets MSC Kumamoto & Asaka Honda 165
55 44 Team ATJ with JAPAN POST Honda 159