Tech Views — Vol.8 CRF1000L Africa Twin

Dreams of the Africa Twin


An all-new 'Honda-style' adventure bike created by an enthusiastic young team of engineers.

Debuting under the motto, 'True Adventure,' the new CRF1000L Africa Twin appears as a traditional Honda big off-roader for a new era. This all-new 'Big Off-Roader' package was created from scratch by an enthusiastic team of development engineers who love off-road riding. Staying one step ahead of everything else on the road, this uniquely 'Honda-style' off-road model embodies the true Spirit of Adventure.

Africa Twin - History


First released in 1988, the Africa Twin not only pioneered the 'Adventure Sports' genre, but also featured the long-term comfort of a touring bike while being at heart a big off-roader.

Africa Twin - A New Era


Nearly 15 years have passed since the first Africa Twin ceased production. Heartfelt requests from Africa Twin fans around the world, coupled with the passion of Honda's own Africa Twin fans and off-road riding aficionados helped create this powerful new long-touring model with an appetite for venturing off the beaten path.

Africa Twin - Technical Points


The new Africa Twin delivers nearly 1.5-times the power output of its predecessor, the original Africa Twin, while maintaining the same size and proportions. Fully equipped with features one would expect of a 'True Adventure' model for the new era, its beautifully designed new engine and peerless handling enable riders to enjoy both long-term comfort and athletic agility.

Africa Twin - Development Story


A touring bike that makes long-distance travels pleasant and comfortable, while making it possible to detour onto dirt roads or mountain trails in big-bike off-road style — The intense enthusiasm of Honda's off-road riding devotees leads to the realization of a new Africa Twin

Africa Twin — DCT Version Riding Impressions


Just how well does Honda’s advanced Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) meet the Africa Twin’s objectives of being an Adventure Tourer that provides complete on-road and off-road riding enjoyment?


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