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Male, 30 years old

Since this latest PCX model automatically disables the Idling Stop function whenever the battery charge falls below a certain level, I can ride with complete confidence even when leaving the switch ON all the time. By the way, why isn't this Idling Stop function more widely used on motorbikes other than Honda's?

Male, 30 years old

Many things we couldn't have imagine a few years ago are now quite common. For instance, separating out recyclable garbage. I searched for bikes that offer the same Idling Stop function found in many passenger cars, and eventually I discovered this Honda model. Although I chose this scooter partly for its excellent low-impact environmental qualities, I've since become fascinated by the pleasure it gives me when traveling from place to place. Surely one's motorcycle should also be selected based on its environmental performance. I'm completely satisfied with the choice I made.

Male, 24 years old

Although I've recently noticed many cars and buses stop their engines using some sort of Idling Stop function, whenever I hear the loud noise they make when restarting, I immediately feel a sense of pride and superiority when I ride my quiet-starting PCX. I feel like all those cars are totally behind the times.
However, when stopped at a red light, I often see other people riding the same model of PCX that I ride, but not using the Idling Stop function. Which is a shame, since it's really a wonderful function.


Male, 47 years old

I usually ride this scooter to commute to work and back. While waiting for the light to change in residential areas at night, the silence I hear thanks to the Idling Stop function gives me a feeling of peace-of-mind that's difficult to describe. This is the first time I've ever experienced anything like it in all my years of riding a bike. The perfect timing of the engine restart in response to a small turn of the throttle is especially impressive. Fuel efficiency is also good, and overall I feel really happy that I chose this scooter.

Male, 53 years old

Although I was initially thinking of getting a larger scooter, seeing this 150cc model around town a few times perked my interest, and eventually I bought one. I'm really satisfied with its design and equipment, which seem to be intended for a higher class of bike, and I'm particularly impressed by its Idling Stop function. My car is similarly equipped, but I find that the PCX150's restart characteristics more closely match my own feelings when riding. This Idling Stop function should be especially welcome to riders like me who attach a great amount of importance to environmental impact. Although I've not been so impressed by similar functions found in cars I've driven, the PCX's Idling Stop always fills me with a feeling of oneness and astonishment.

LEAD 125

Male, 41 years old

Basically, depending on traffic conditions, I leave the Idling Stop function ON all the time. However, when a traffic light looks like it's just about to change, I tend to physically turn the Idling Stop OFF at its switch on the handlebar.

Female, 32 years old

Will the engine always restart without fail? At first, I had a lot of anxiety about the engine turning off in city traffic while waiting for a light to change. However, I've since learned to take the Idling Stop function for granted while waiting for signals. Because of this, I even make it a practice to stop my car's idling when I drive. I feel happy to be able to think that I'm making even a small contribution to reducing the world's exhaust emissions.

Sh mode

Male, 40 years old

Taking advantage of a move from an urban area to the suburbs, I bought this model for my expanded range of activities. When selecting it, I was first attracted by its design, operating capabilities and riding ease. I thought at the time that the Idling Stop was simply one of many non-descript features, but as I've gotten to use it more, my consciousness changed to see that it's also making a small contribution to a cleaner environment. It's easy to operate and doesn't feel the slightest bit distracting or uncomfortable. I'm especially impressed with the timing of the engine restart when I twist the throttle to go again.

Male, 38 years old

I bought this scooter for running errands. Since I've had several models of scooters before, I chose this one based on its ease of use. Sometimes I go riding together with my young son on the back, and he thinks it strange that the engine automatically stops and starts again, even though I'm doing nothing to make the engine stop. I tell him, "Yes, it's magic!," and this running joke adds some lighthearted amusement to our conversations and rides together. I know the Idling Stop function is environmentally friendly, but the pleasant quiet moments it creates are also appealing.

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