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Idling Stop Does More than Reducing Pollution and Improving Fuel Efficiency


Idling Stop Does More than Reducing Pollution and Improving Fuel Efficiency

Idling Stop - a familiar function already found in many cars today. However, currently only Honda equips its scooters with this unique and useful function.

With this system, whenever a vehicle comes to a physical stop for a fixed length of time, such as when waiting for a traffic light, its engine automatically shuts off, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons during that time to effectively "zero." In other words, Idling Stop is friendly to both the environment and one's pocketbook.

However, Idling Stop offers even greater advantages, which further add to a rider's sense of excitement and exhilaration.

Idling Stop - Examining its effects and the sense of excitement it offers


Idling Stop - It doesn't just affect fuel economy and the environment. Let me tell you about the exhilaration you'll feel the instant you give it a try.

One day, motorcycle journalist Tsutomu Matsui went shopping with his wife aboard a new Honda PCX150 scooter. Each time they stopped at a red light, the scooter's Idling Stop function kicked in and turned off the engine.

Spotting a puppy crossing the street in the crosswalk, his wife commented "Isn't he cute? Look at the way he wags his tail!" - and from there lively conversation began to flourish.

It was at this moment that Matsui really began to notice the wider effects achieved by Idling Stop, from its environmentally friendly aspects of reduced pollution and fuel consumption to more unexpected features.

User Reviews

What do riders think about the Idling Stop function? Do they change idling operation using the ON/OFF switch? We asked them these questions and more.

Tsutomu 'Ben' Matsui

Tsutomu 'Ben' Matsui (b. 1963, Tokyo)

Since 1986, motorcycle journalist Tsutomu Matsui has contributed interviews, riding impressions and first-hand race reports to a host of magazines and specialty motorcycle publications. He has also ridden in the Paris-Dakar and Baja 1000 rallies.